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   Chapter 1569 Letitia Had Ascended

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Aurora's face was scrunched up in pain after having her back smashed against the tree trunk from the force of the explosion.

She shouldn't have asked him to give it a try if she knew this was the way he was going to deal with these ants!

After the dust settled, all of them decided to leave the safety of the tree trunk and check on the state of their surroundings.

Having settled themselves, they jumped onto the broad branch. Except for Aurora, Amber, and Vivian, the rest of them were pale with shock. Although they were quite far from the center of the explosion, they were still slightly injured by the impact. A couple of them felt the beginnings of abnormal circulation and meridian stasis from the blast. It was a good thing that they stocked up on pills for a swift recovery. Soon after, they were surprised at what they saw.

"This guy...

How on earth did he manage to withstand such a powerful impact?!" Zen stood firmly on the branch with no signs of injury at all despite being smacked in the middle of the explosion. Aurora pursed her lips as she looked up at the unharmed young man. She couldn't help but sulk at the fact that the world was so unfair. They were both Soul Sea Realm warriors but why was there such a huge difference in their strength?

Amber, on the other hand, only sighed. She wasn't as surprised as the others. In fact, this was exactly what she expected. 'He's grown so much in just the span of seven years. Now I'm the one who has to look up to him, ' she couldn't help but think to herself as she looked at Zen.

With the elimination of these Explosive Ferocious Ants, their way forward had now been cleared.

The eighth branch would've normally taken them several hours to pass but that time had now been reduced to five minutes because of Zen's strong attack.

The group stepped onto the plate at the end of the branch and continued their climb.

Meanwhile, in the Humanity Alliance, a petite figure had climbed out of an ascending pool in the Three Purities World.

The water had drenched her entire body but with a gust of cold air, it immediately turned into ice shards!

The woman shook her body and let the shards fall into the pool.

"Ding ding..."

"The vitality between heaven and earth here is so violent!"

She looked around and took in her surroundings with curiosity.

Wanting to see more of this strange place she had just arrived in, she slowly walked down from the side of the ascending pool...

"You, and you, and the rest of you stay there! Don't move!" an armored warrior ordered.

The woman slightly raised her brows as a brief display of defiance, however, she was quick to submit after finding out the cultivation level of this warrior. He was a powerful master at the late stage of the Soul Sea Realm!

She did not resist and obediently followed the other warriors who had also ascended from the Lower World.

These new arrivals had high hopes for the Upper World.

None of them knew that the competition here was going to be even more grueling than that of the Lower World.

These warriors had been top warriors and held absolute power back in the Lower World, but here Soul Sea Rea


Zen's talent was no doubt enough to make him a core martial artist in a tenth-grade sacred place.

But there were so many supreme worlds here in the Upper World and she had no idea which one he ended up in.

Would she really have to mine here for decades?

If she had known this earlier, then she wouldn't have ascended. She would've just stayed in the Lower World with her Geoffrey.

But it was too late for regrets now. The armored warriors quickly led them to a space tunnel and advanced.

However, halfway through their journey, an armored warrior went into the group and stopped in front of Letitia. "You, stop. You don't need to mine anymore."

"Huh?" she could only remark in surprise.

The armored warrior only shook his head. "Just follow me."

Her eyes flickered in curiosity, not really knowing what was happening. Everything was just so strange here in the Upper World.

But she took it as a good sign that she wouldn't need to mine anymore.

Letitia split from the group and followed the armored warrior into the space tunnel. They walked through it for a while before finally arriving at a large city.

Her eyes were wide in wonder as she took in the grandeur of the sights in front of her. Soon enough, she was being led into an equally exquisite hall.

Dozens of women were already gathered here, all of them at the Soul Sea Realm.

Letitia took the chance to converse with some of them and found out that they too were all newly-ascended warriors from the Lower World.

They were also brought here with no knowledge as to why and what exactly was waiting for them.

Leaving wasn't an option since there were armored warriors who stood guard outside the hall.

This was when Letitia realized that there was something fishy going on.

Why exactly had they been brought and gathered here? Nobody knew so they could only resort to focusing on their cultivation.

Letitia and these other women had waited here for half a month until, one day, three young men arrived. Their bodies emitted strong auras and all of them were powerful masters at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

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