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   Chapter 1568 Explosive Ferocious Ant (Part Two)

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Although the Explosive Ferocious Ant itself was not a powerful foe, its explosive power was extremely terrifying. No matter who was fighting against the ants, they would have to be cautious when dealing with them.

Therefore, the only way to pass through the eighth tree branch was an arduous task which would exhaust one's strength. One had to lure the Explosive Ferocious Ants aside and kill them one by one.

However, watching Zen brazenly charge into the group of ants, Vivian and the others' hearts did indeed lurch, and they almost rushed after him.

However, a faint smile was growing on Amber's face!

Strictly speaking, she hadn't had much interaction with Zen before. However, back in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the various incidents which Zen had featured in, had also been spread in detail from the Tower of Sin. She knew that this was Zen's usual way of doing things. If he was to follow the rules, he would not be 'Zen'. He could never wait inertly for someone else to take action, Zen always rushed in and his bravery always carried the day.

Zen didn't stop at all as he jogged past them, and the number of Explosive Ferocious Ants following behind him grew in number until it was a lengthy train of ants that covered the ground!

"There are so many Explosive Ferocious Ants. If they were to all explode together, how powerful would the explosion be?"

"Isn't he afraid of being blown up and dying? He would lose a lot of Illusion Points if that happened!"

Aurora was staring curiously at Zen's actions. Hearing their discussions, her face changed as if an idea had suddenly occurred to her. She then said, "Back off! Everyone, back off! Stay as close to the main trunk of the Sacred Ailanthus as possible!" She seemed to know what was coming.

Now, everyone could see that Ze

llowing clouds of dust and spent chemicals!

Accompanying the explosion was an extremely powerful shock wave that spread out in all directions like a flood.

Even the Sacred Ailanthus, which was as big as a mountain, was shaking gently!

Zen maintained a careful distance from the place where the explosion had occurred. Both of his legs remained fixed in the ground, like nails had firmly nailed him in place, while he had a firm look on his angular face, as he bore the brunt of the shock wave.

Fortunately, Aurora had asked everyone to retreat to the main trunk of the Sacred Ailanthus behind them from the start.

When the shock waves spread out, it was as if there were giant invisible hands pressing everyone down to the ground and even tightly into the tree trunk, preventing them from moving at all. It almost felt as if the air was being crushed from out of their lungs by the intense pressure.

If they had still been standing foolishly on the eighth tree branch, they would have been launched headfirst towards the main trunk of the Sacred Ailanthus by the impact of the shock wave.

In that case, even if somehow, they didn't die; they would at the least have been severely injured!

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