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   Chapter 1567 Explosive Ferocious Ant (Part One)

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Aurora walked to the side, but she was quietly looking Zen over from head to toe.

It wasn't just her. The other warriors of the Demon Night, such as Vivian, were also reconsidering Zen. He was not quite what they had expected.

However, there was a hint more than curiosity in Aurora's eyes.

He said that he would kill Elena within three years. She thought this fellow was truly interesting! However, she was still mystified as to how he would manage to reach this step. She wanted to ask Amber about it when she had more time.

After chatting for a while, Amber had calmed down and her heart took up a more normal rhythm.

At the very least, her decision to enter the Illusion Battlefield had proven correct.

Next, Aurora once again took charge of the group and they all stepped on the plate at the end of the tree branch.

When the scribbled golden words needed to break the spell, once more appeared under everyone's feet, they began to ascend yet again. Not long after, they arrived at the eighth branch of the Sacred Ailanthus.

As Zen landed on the eighth tree branch, he immediately saw that it was filled with giant ants!

There were a lot of tall spikes on the bodies of these vicious ants. Their shells were red, and there were flames dancing in their slightly translucent bellies, making them look like big lanterns. If it weren't so dangerous, it would have been a comical scene to witness.

"The Explosive Ferocious Ant. Once each of these ants are killed, there will be a violent explosion. It would be best for everyone to spread out a bit," Aurora ordered. She had wandered through the Sacred Ailanthus three times before, so she naturally knew every single one of these vicious creatures like the back of her hand. The others all heeded her instruction and spread out cautiously

his heart he knew what they were waiting for.

He realized that they wanted to watch him take action, and see how powerful he was.

"I'll give it a try then!"

Zen smiled as he leaped up and immediately rushed forward. However, he did not attack when he brushed past the nearest Explosive Ferocious Ant. Instead, he gently tapped the Explosive Ferocious Ant on its back with the tip of his foot and charged forward once again, with his clothes fluttering in the wind!

Being stepped on by Zen, the first Explosive Ferocious Ant crawled at an extremely fast speed and chased after him.

But Zen ignored it and continued running forward!


With a flip, he brushed close by another Explosive Ferocious Ant.

Thus, there were two Explosive Ferocious Ants now chasing after Zen. The other members of the group grew uncomfortable at the sight of Zen being chased after by these dangerous creatures. If one of them exploded....

"What is Zen doing?"

"He wants to gather the Explosive Ferocious Ants together!"

"He must be crazy!"

Witnessing this scene, the warriors of the Demon Night couldn't help being worried about him. It seemed like a suicide mission that Zen was embarking on.

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