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   Chapter 1566 Anticipation

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Zen wouldn't hide anything from Amber.

A faint smile hung on his face as he nodded in acknowledgment.

At this moment, Vivian and the other Demon Night warriors followed behind.

But Aurora's words had stunned Vivian for a moment.

"Thad is Zen…"

He was the human warrior who had managed to trick and kill Supreme Lord Gunter.

Vivian's family was a side branch of the Demon Night. Six Years ago, Maddox stood as the branch's leader and participated in hunting Zen down ruthlessly.

It was difficult to determine who was on the right side of that internal strife. But after confirming that Thad was Zen, Vivian was astonished.

Regardless of anything, since Zen was Amber's friend, he could probably be trusted.

With that thought, Aurora and Vivian felt a sense of relief.

Something flashed slightly in Aurora's eyes before a bright smile appeared on her face. "I didn't know you are Amber's friend. I'm so sorry for offending you earlier. Thank you for helping us."

With that, she waved her finger and a small, black tree appeared in her hand. The little tree went up to only four feet high, with its branches only as thick as her pinky finger. Not a single leaf was on it.

As she pulled it out, the branches began quiver before leaves grew from the branches—it was a rather magical sight.

In the blink of an eye, the bare black tree had turned into a small, fully grown tree. Only when she put it away did she look at Amber, with her situation in mind. When she saw Amber hesitate to say something, she put on a brilliant smile and said, "You two got to meet again, so you probably have things to talk about. Amber is in a predicament right now."

"A predicament?" Zen's eyes flashed as he stared at Amber.

At this moment, embarrassment and uneasiness crept into Amber's demeanor.

Back in the prison, she had thought of ways to spread the news of her imprisonment.

But the universe was all too vast—it wasn't an easy task to find a certain man from among a hundred thousand supreme worlds.

As for the Roaring Token, world lords couldn't even attain them easily, let alone a Soul Sea Realm warrior like Amber.

Now that she had finally crossed paths with Zen, it seemed like some kind of act of providence.

But now that she stood before him, her mind came up blank.

Perhaps Aurora could see through her nervousness, which made her bring up Amber's situation.

"That's right. She's imprisoned and has been sentenced to the punishment of being burned and corroded. It's a punishment second only to the Punishment of Eternal Night. Her body has suffered under corrosive rainfall. After a few days of punishment, her eyes rot, her skin festers, and her muscles and bones end up corroded. Her body get

o consider whether or not their races could be attacked by the Demon Night easily.

In the entire universe, Zen was the sole person qualified to do so.

He had once killed several Supreme Lords, after all.

Four powerful Supreme Lords had perished at his hands.

When Zen said these words, the Demon Night warriors turned even more furious.

But as their leader, Aurora said nothing. What could the other warriors say?

But these warriors from the Demon Night were still unconvinced. It was very reckless for a Soul Sea Realm warrior like Zen to kill their queen within three years.

The gap between the Soul Sea Realm and the realm of the world lord was indeed wide. The Spirit Supreme Realm and the Spirit Transformation Realm lay between the two cultivation realms.

To increase their cultivation base and match up to the world lords, some warriors would spend hundreds of thousands of years, even millions of years, to practice their cultivation.

But Zen had made a promise that he could bring Elena down in a measly three years.

"I can endure it for three years," Amber responded with a nod, her eyes gleaming with hope.

While she wasn't certain Zen could manage to do it within three years, she was firm in deciding to keep on enduring the years of pain as, at the very least, he had given her hope.

When Zen was on the Sea God Continent before, he had already completed numerous seemingly impossible tasks—he was a miracle-maker.

Rare were people like him.

When he saw her expression, he couldn't help but feel guilty.

After all, it was because of him and Lavender that Amber was stuck in such an awful predicament.

Zen wasn't a savior—he wouldn't deliver all things from suffering or their troubles. But he wouldn't just stay out of the matter if someone he treasured was in trouble.

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