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   Chapter 1565 An Old Friend

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Aurora's usually clear eyes darkened a bit. She and Vivian had the same reason why they compared themselves to Zen.

A martial artist would naturally be cautious in the face of a powerful opponent. It was because of this that they were even wary of their companions sometimes.

Aurora and Zen did not know each other.

Zen seemed to have been brought in by Vivian. However, why would he be willing to help her if he was strong enough on his own?

The Deadwood Gate was a supreme sacred place where martial artists grabbed Illusion Points. They would receive at least a few million Illusion Points every time they entered. If Zen took control of the place, the Demon Night wouldn't be able to do anything.

Therefore, no one could blame Aurora for being worried.

All the ogre martial artists were afraid and nervous because of Zen's attack.

The ogre martial artists had good perception, even though they were irritable. They were well aware that they were at the point where they were on the verge of death.

There was only a path in the huge tree branch. Zen guarded one side, and the Falling Leaves Array was on the other side. They would lose their chance of resistance if they were surrounded.

"Kill this guy first!" the ogre martial artist with the giant shield on his shoulder said quickly.

Then, he dashed forward as soon as he finished speaking.

The other ogre martial artists followed suit since they understood their current situation.

The ogre martial artists' tall and sturdy bodies looked like small mountains when they pounced towards Zen.

On the contrary, Vivian stayed at the other side of the tree branch and did not lead the Demon Night members to follow Zen. Instead, her mouth gently moved, as if she was communicating with Aurora.

However, neither Vivian nor Aurora made a move.

Meanwhile, Amber was lost in her own world.

She simply stared indifferently at the young man in the distance.

He was just a youth back then when he had arrived at the Sea God Continent. He was rather lanky and even a bit immature.

However, Zen gave her a strong sense of confidence now. He could kill all the ogre martial artists in front of him with just a wave of his hand.

How hard would it be for a martial artist who could kill Supreme Lords to kill some ogre martial artists?

Amber decided to believe in his strength since she knew him.


The giant shield in the hands of the ogre martial artist at the front exploded with a violent crash.

Opposite him was Zen who dashed fluidly like a ghost as he continuously moved around the ogre martial artists.

He moved so gracefully that he could still slip into the smallest gap like a wisp of

Leaves Array.


Aurora was slightly surprised, but she saw that Amber had a slight smile on her face.

Amber nodded at Aurora and said, "Don't worry. He's an old friend of mine."

"He's your old friend?" Aurora couldn't help but be stunned.

Amber continued to nod and smile, and then added, "Remember what I told you before? There is only one person in the universe who can change my fate, and that is him."

Aurora was now even more surprised.

During their adventures, Amber had told her briefly about what happened to her in her past.

For example, how she had offended the Queen of Punishment, and how she was imprisoned and bore the cruel torture.

Amber said that there was only one person in the universe who could save her. This person was the storyteller in the universe. He had a special Roaring Token. Moreover, even dozens of Supreme Lords couldn't do anything to him.

If she followed what Amber said, then this person must be Zen indeed.

Even if he had many detractors, Zen was already a legend in the universe.

Despite his many feats, his strength set off a storm of speculation among martial artists.

Some people said that since Zen had inherited the fairy palace, his own power must be terrifying. He could go toe to toe against ace talents and Godly Geniuses of many various races.

Others said that he was mediocre, and that he relied on external objects when he'd killed the Supreme Lords. He wasn't a powerhouse as he seemed to be, and was simply a nobody among the crowd.

However, he could definitely fight the ace talents judging from the strength he had just displayed.

Aurora's heart hammered in her ribcage as the legendary young man was standing right in front of her.

Then, she asked, "Are you the Zen that Amber mentioned?"

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