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   Chapter 1564 Aurora

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The ogres' eyes turned red with fury.

They had gathered as a team when they entered the Illusion Battlefield—they already managed to plunder three whole cities.

Two of them could be ranked in the top 500, 000 of the entire Illusion Battlefield, and in the top 10, 000 of this supreme world.

By chance, they ended up at the Deadwood Gate.

Encountering such hefty resistance was completely unexpected.

Even after wasting several hours on it, they were unable to push through the attacks from the Falling Leaves Array. Having lost two of their teammates, they were already beyond their limits of patience and control.

After the ogre roared, a giant shield appeared on his arm. "I'll charge in front. You guys, follow me all the way. Cheer up, now! I don't think these girls will last much longer!"

"Let's go!"

"Damn it! This is such a waste of time. What kind of treasures are on top of this damned wood?"

The others also followed suit in yelling and complaining—they couldn't hold it in any longer. Their strength had already been activated, preparing to take down their enemies once and for all.

On the front line, a tall woman from the Demon Night stood beside Amber.

She had long, blue hair as if it was dyed by the color of the sky itself.

At this moment, countless fragmented leaves surrounded Aurora's hand, much like a bracelet made of leaves.

"Amber! We probably won't be able to hold on any longer," Aurora said, looking helpless.

"Never mind! We'll have another chance," Amber assured her with a faint smile.

But to that, Aurora frowned, deep in thought. With a flick of her fingers, the edges of all the leaves in the array began glinting with golden light. Those leaves seemed to turn sharper and fiercer. "I like your optimistic attitude. If you can obtain your freedom, then even in the Demon Night of the Upper Realm, you're sure to have a brilliant future ahead!"

With that, Amber smiled—such laments from Aurora weren't new to her.

But what Aurora wished for was quite a long shot. While the restrictions on the warriors of the Demon Night weren't unreasonably harsh, the order of their queen was still an iron law.

Who Amber had offended was the Queen of Punishment herself—how could an ordinary warrior like her survive the grave consequences?

"Those dirty bastards are coming!"

"Let's go then!"

Determination grew more evident on the faces of the two Demon Night women.


pact was terrifying—it was as if he was waving an entire mountain in his hands.

"Not dodging?"

Beside the array, Aurora looked stunned—she was completely at a loss to what Zen was planning to do.

Zen's palm reached out and transformed into a blade force, slashing upwards diagonally.

The strike wasn't particularly fast—it was even rather slow. But the hidden power in it was something no one could possibly imagine.


The collision between Zen's palm strike and the mace resounded.

At that very moment, the others' eyes widened as they sucked in a breath of cold air.

The thick mace broke easily under Zen's palm.

After the upper part of it shattered, it flew backward, as it dissolved into countless black fragments in the air. They scattered, causing some kind of black rainfall on the tree.

Simultaneously, the ogre's hands holding the mace suddenly split open, spurting out brown blood.

First, his fingers, then his palms and arms—by the end of it, even his shoulders were split open.

And all were from a single strike of the palm.

Standing behind Zen was Vivian, who seemed to have two stars rising in her very eyes. This person's strength was well beyond her imagination.

Although Aurora, who was of a noble background, had witnessed many extraordinary things in her life, she couldn't help but widen her eyes with great shock at witnessing the scene—she also couldn't deny the feeling of an intense threat.

While she probably had some strength left over to fight the ogres, after considering Zen's strength, she felt a sense of helplessness in her heart—she was no match for him.

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