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   Chapter 1563 Sorcerer Race

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The black venom was extremely corrosive! It aggressively disintegrated anything it touched.

In the blink of an eye, the orange protective light shining over Harley was completely corroded.

Immediately, the frightened crowd heard an intense and ravenous roar coming from below!

Although warriors would not really die after being killed in the Illusion Battlefield, the pain they experienced was still real. Being slowly disintegrated and eaten by this venom until death set in, was not going to be a pleasant experience. Quite the opposite, as the pain was excruciating.

When the warriors heard this beastly voice coming from the deep, their hearts trembled slightly, and they nervously looked for a way out.

"Let's leave quickly. After successfully passing this part, we should be able to reach the first branch!" Vivian said, trying to seem brave.

Seeing what Harley had suffered, the group did not stop, not even to catch their breath. They were all afraid that the Ailanthus Venomous Bugs would catch up to them once again.

Not long after, Zen's eyes flickered with a faint green light. Through the dense white mist, he could see a thick branch!

Just one branch alone was thick enough to support a city!

This sorcerer race had been an extremely powerful race in remote ages, and this Sacred Ailanthus was the sacred place where the sorcerer race had dwelt.

The grand sorcerers of the sorcerer race were also at the same level as the Supreme Lords. Among them, there had been one of the grand sorcerers who even had one of the most powerful Heavenly Destiny in the entire universe!

This Heavenly Destiny was powerful enough to instill fear in everyone, even those in modern times would still quake at the thought.

It was said that the grand sorcerer who possessed this Heavenly Destiny only needed to know the name and appearance of his enemy, and then he would be able to turn his thought into a ferocious attack and kill the enemy by merely imagining that scene! He was therefore killing with his mind.

That meant that if Zen mastered this Heavenly Destiny, he only needed to picture the scene of him killing someone after knowing what the person looked like. That person would be killed immediately! Like the snap of his fingers!

The imagination of living beings was limitless, who could resist such a terrifying Heavenly Destiny?

This was truly a killing method that could be used simply by thinking about it.

However, for some unknown reason, this sorcerer race had suddenly disappeared from the universe, and not even a trace of them, their elders, or their weapons could be found!

The sorcerer race, which originally controlled thousands of supreme worlds, was a highly intelligent and large race even in the ancient times. However, the entire sorcerer race disappeared mysteriously, and even the bones of this race could no longer be found in any of the sacred places. This matter was considered a wondrous story of this grand era, and up until now, it had been seen as a huge mystery!

"We can go straight up, so why are we stopping here on this tree branch?" Zen asked as he nimbly stepped onto the huge tree branch.

Vivian shook her head and said, "It's not that easy from the first tree branch onward. There is a powerful killing spell hidden within.

ight would dare to stand against the Queen of Punishment. A few years ago, even the head of the Board of Elders was killed by the Queen of Punishment! Now, no one was safe.

However, since Aurora had even considered freeing Amber, she was very happy with this small gesture. Aurora was her only friend in the Upper World!

In these three times passing through the Deadwood Gate, Amber had voluntarily given up her Illusion Points, and given them all to Aurora. This was the only thing Amber could do to help her.

They didn't expect that this time, just as they had reached the seventh tree branch, they would be attacked by a roaring group of ogre martial artists!

For the past few hours, they had been struggling to hold on by using Aurora's Falling Leaves Array and Amber's well-honed sword techniques.

The truth was that even if she died, it wouldn't be a tragedy. At least the time Amber had spent in this Illusion Battlefield was a happy memory for her. She held the sword lightly and looked at Aurora, who was controlling the Falling Leaves Array. Facing the chaotic attack of the ogre warriors, Amber, however, felt a sense of peace descend on her.

Above this tree branch, there were many thumb-sized leaves scattered about in an intricate pattern.

The edges of these leaves were like the razor edge of a blade. If one did not pay attention, these leaves could easily cut through both forceful energy and flesh.

It was also these sharp leaves that had shredded and created utter mayhem, and had blocked the attacks of more than ten ogre martial artists!

All the ogre martial artists were riled up and irritable. They stamped their great feet and grunted with malcontent.

Once the ogres stepped into the Falling Leaves Array, not only would they have to face being cut to pieces by the exceptionally sharp leaves, but they would also have to face the sword radiance of the woman of the Demon Night.

"This time, I must rush through. I must rip these women of the Demon Night apart, and spill their blood with my blade," an ogre warrior standing in the middle roared desperately. It was obvious that this group of ogre warriors had finally lost their last ounce of patience.

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