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   Chapter 1562 Sacrifice

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Without any further hesitation, they entered the giant whirlpool in the middle of the two dead tree spirits.

They figured they would be safe there for the time being.

Vivian took the woman from Zen's arms, prepared her longbow and pulled out a green arrow from the quiver behind her.

Turning the arrowhead, she wielded it in her hand and shot straight toward the woman's forehead.

The scene was startling, even for Zen, but he soon realized that the green arrow was not meant to kill.

The weapon contained strong life energy. Piercing the woman's body with it was harmless—it could probably even save her.

Clearly, Vivian was there to treat the woman. The other warriors, on the other hand, were all busy sizing Zen up carefully.

Just how powerful was Zen to have managed to disentangle himself from the two enormous dead tree spirits?

The gazes of the surrounding warriors naturally became cautious. When they thought of what they said to Zen just earlier, they all felt a lingering sense of fear.

If they truly angered this man, none of the Demon Night members there would even survive.

A moment after the green arrow pierced through the woman's forehead, she woke up.

The instant she opened her eyes, she looked bewildered.

When she was knocked unconscious by the branches, she was certain that she was going to die.

The next time she woke up, she assumed she would find herself in the city.

Never did she expect to find herself at the Deadwood Gate. Examining her surroundings, she saw Vivian standing beside her. It was as if she were dreaming something unfathomable.

Noticing the woman's confusion, Vivian explained, "That human warrior saved you."

'That human warrior...' The woman's gaze landed on Zen and she sent him a look of gratitude.

While Zen merely nodded slightly at the woman's gesture, he sized up the world behind the Deadwood Gate.

In front of him stood an extremely tall, sturdy, and giant tree. The trunk must have been several hundred miles wide, its height even more so indescribable—it was so tall that the top seemed to disappear into the atmosphere.

When Vivian saw Zen's gaze, she took the initiative to explain, "This tree is an ancient Sacred Ailanthus, the holy tree of the ancient sorcerer race. There are a total of thirteen branches of the holy tree and our Demon Night warriors are trapped on the seventh branch."

'An ancient Sacred Ailanthus? The ancient sorcerer race?' The terms only confused Zen fu

m. With his divine weapon body, he was immune to poison, after all.

He could easily lure the bugs away from them and return in one piece.

But Harley's words were deeply displeasing. He was a human—what did the lives and deaths of the Demon Night members have to do with him? And Zen cared only about Amber. Back on the Sea God Continent, she had helped him tremendously, after all. He couldn't give less of a damn about the other Demon Night warriors, in truth.

Harley's words made Vivian's face darken. But with a cold expression, she said, "If you go down and lure the bugs away, I will report it directly to Aurora to make up for the Illusion Points you will lose. You will also be compensated for double the amount. Otherwise..."

Although there weren't many internal battles in the city of the Demon Night, the consequences were dire for anyone who went against the norm.

At her words, Harley hesitated for a moment. In the end, he gritted his teeth, turned around, and charged down.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

As he flew downward, an orange light flashed around him, where countless spears of majestic auras flew out.

Harley's attacks drew in the attention of the hundreds of Ailanthus Venomous Bugs following behind the group. They flocked together and charged at him.

"Go to hell!" he yelled.

Being forced to die would be frustrating for anyone—Harley took the chance to attack the bugs without restraining his anger.

But while the orange spears were sharp, they were still insufficient to break through the bugs' shells. With clear sounds of impact, black venom seeped out from their horns, shooting straight toward Harley.

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