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   Chapter 1561 Save A Demon Night Woman

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Between these two massive dead trees was an enormous whirlpool of mysterious, fluorescent silver.

"We need to go into that whirlpool. But be careful. The Deadwood Gate will attack you!" Vivian warned, taking the lead.

Just as she finished her sentence, the two gigantic trees began to shake ominously.

The entire party saw how the seemingly dead trees literally came to life as they whipped their branches violently towards them.

Vivian wasn't kidding when she said that the gate would attack them.

There was no time to waste, however, and the group decided to forge ahead with Vivian in the lead. The moment they got in range, the trees' branches suddenly whipped towards them violently.


The branches glowed a mysterious deep green light, signifying the power of the Life Law! The force contained within those branches was unfathomable as the attacks caused even space to tremble.

"Be careful!"

Vivian reminded them. They were mere small flies in the face of these formidable trees and just one swat would be enough to turn them into a pile of blood and dead flesh.


One of the tree branches targeted and lashed out towards Zen.

He was calm and simply lowered his body to dodge the oncoming branch.

However, just as he dodged, three more branches came for him!

Fortunately, his Cloud-chasing Skill was enough to help him dash through the gaps among the branches. There was still no need to bust out the Eight Smoky Melodies since he could still keep up with this level of attacks from the trees with ease.

However, the others weren't so capable. The Demon Night archer let out a muffled cry after being struck by one of the branches.


The force from the attack was too strong and immediately knocked her unconscious.

However, before she could fall to the ground, three more branches extended from one of the trees and wrapped around her body.

Vivian's eyes froze when she saw the branches starting to pull their unconscious party member into the tree's trunk. "Save her!"

Two other Demon Night warriors were quick to heed her call. They too wanted to save the unfortunate warrior from the branches.

However, just as they charged forward, ten branches swatted them away and forcibly pushed them back a couple of feet.

There was just no going about it. The trees were just too strong.

It was a really glum situation that they were in. They came here because they wanted to rescue their companions trapped inside, but before they could even enter the Deadwood Gate, they were going to lose a member of the group.

Dying in the Illusion Battlefield wasn't really a great deal since no one here died for real, bu

ible dead weight to the group three seconds ago, but now he pulled a stunt like this and surprised all of them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zen's face was calm and serene as he held the woman in his arms.

However, the trees weren't yet done as multiple branches came for him once again. There was no need to dodge though; all he needed to do was punch them.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Each strike of his fist shattered the branches that tried to come for him.

With just his strength alone, Zen knew he could absolutely tear apart these two enormous dead tree spirits with his bare hands.

It was only the fact that these trees formed the frame of the Deadwood Gate that restrained him from doing so. He didn't want the gate to disappear just because the trees proved to be too troublesome.


Let's go!" Vivian yelled through the chaos. It was at that moment that she knew she had chosen the right person. Zen's strength was even far greater than she had imagined.

That meant Aurora and Amber's predicaments had a high possibility of being solved.

However, something lingered at the back of her mind.

Zen wasn't a member of the Demon Night. What if he led the humans and took over the Deadwood Gate? That was a possibility that Vivian had to watch out for.

The Deadwood Gate was a great place to gather Illusion Points. Both Aurora and Amber were able to enter the top three thousand in this world just by using this gate.

But Vivian knew there was no going about it now. She had already brought Zen here and had no choice but to let him do as he pleased.

Since he was willing to go out of his way and rescue their team member, then that might mean that he was truly a good person. Vivian could only pray he wouldn't turn himself against them in the end.

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