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   Chapter 1560 Deadwood Gate

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When Zen ascended to the Upper World, Amber had probably not yet done so.

The ascending passageway had been repaired then, with no obstacles left for ascending in the great world which then welcomed an ascension rush.

Many warriors of the Soul Sea Realm in the Lower World had chosen to ascend.

Zen shuffled through the memories of the great world and could not find any trace of Amber in the Sea God Continent. He figured that she had probably chosen to ascend.

After all, Amber's talent was good. Although she was only in the second row of the Talent Tablet, she could still develop quite well in the Upper World. Geniuses from several races and groups had gathered together in the Celestial Position. This could very well include Amber.

But the Upper World was huge, and the hundred thousand supreme worlds so vast and endless that even Zen was unable to find any trace of her.

Now that he suddenly heard her name, Zen's eyes lit up.

"Is she the same Amber I know?"

There was no dearth of warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. It was quite possible that there was another warrior with the same name.

The Deadwood Gate was in the north, which was the same direction for which Zen was heading. Moreover, one could receive five hundred thousand Illusion Points there.

Even Zen, who already had millions of Illusion Points, was tempted.

However, because the rewards were so great, it was granted that the tests would be tough. Moreover, they had to fight another squad, and there were not many martial artists who could be considered competent enough to do so.

"Bring me along! I'm willing to help Aurora and Amber!" A warrior stepped forward, a sincere tone in his words.

The Demon Night woman, who had come to recruit warriors, glanced at the warrior but shook her head. "You? If you don't have enough strength, going there will only be a waste of the Illusion Points you've so painstakingly accumulated!"

"I …" The martial artist's face reddened.

The woman did not seem to care about the warrior's embarrassment. She swept her eyes over the crowd and asked, "Anybody else thinks that you are able enough to follow me?"

"I do!"

From the top of the city wall, a male member of the Demon Night jumped down.

This warrior wore black armor and sported a confident smile on his face. As he left the city walls, he flew toward the crowd.

The woman looked at him and nodded. "You qualify!"

"Me too." From the crowd, a long-haired Demon Night woman walked up to her slowly. Her red hair was infused with vitality and on her back was a large, dark-green bow. The bow emitted a vigorous and dazzling force of the Life Law.

Not long after, three more warriors of the Demon Night chose to join in.

Zen, who had been observing from the sidelines for a long time, also slowly made his way over. He asked in a clear voice, "Can I participate as well?"

The warriors looked at him suspiciously as soon as the w

is kind of alertness on their part was inevitable.

The Demon Night tolerated it well. If the same thing had happened to the ogres or the humans, they would have perhaps fought Zen on the first opportunity. They would have certainly not brought him along.

Shoop! Shoop!

The group of eight warriors flew swiftly through the air.

A journey of twenty-four thousand miles was considered long by most ordinary people. However, for warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, it was short because of the meteoric rate at which they covered it. Back when Zen had been in the Enchanted Barrier Tower, he had traveled nearly forty thousand miles.

Half an hour later, one dead tree after another appeared in the wilderness on the ground below them.

The dead trees had withered away completely. They looked like they were stuck in the ground, now only lifeless tree stumps.

"These withered trees... They still seem to contain some life force," Zen commented, staring at the dead trees.

Vivian, who had been flying beside Zen, smiled as she heard his words. "Yes, the dead trees have turned into spirits. If someone intrudes on this dead forest, they will rise up and launch attacks."

"Is that so?" Zen's eyes flickered with curiosity.

"There are a lot of dead tree spirits in here, but the rewards for killing them are simply too small. Eliminating one only secures you two Illusion Points," Vivian added.

"Hmm, interesting." Zen had thought that the many dead trees down below would help him garner a number of Illusion Points, but he did not expect the rewards to be so little. Only two Illusion Points! Even if he killed ten thousand dead tree spirits, he would only get twenty thousand points. It truly was not worth the massive effort.

Right at this moment, the group encountered two giant dead trees before them. The dead trees extended their trunks and intertwined with each other, forming a great tree gate. This was, in fact, the Deadwood Gate.

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