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   Chapter 1559 Amber's Whereabouts

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The surrounding conditions or situations of the two main cities that Zen had passed through were entirely different from each other.

Social circumstances, like the personalities and habits of the various races, were some of these related differences.

The ogres, for example, were truly aggressive by nature. And since they had already entered the Illusion Battlefield, their brutish character became dominant, causing them to fight fiercely with each other.

However, humans were in a so-called "centralized" state. In Lucille's city, the prevalence of occasional wars among the warriors happened regularly. But the vast majority of the Illusion Points obtained in these sporadic fights were being taken by Lucille's eight subordinates to be handed over to Lucille.

She was the veritable city lord. Everyone could cut each other's throat, but in the end, everyone had to "pay taxes" to her.

Under the suppression of Lucille, she maintained order within the main city of humans. If it weren't for her control, human warriors would continuously fight each other, making the whole city be in a state of chaos!

On the contrary, the main city of the Demon Night was entirely in a state of order!

The Demon Night was primitively a race that strictly followed orders. There were very few conflicts between the members, so they were always united against the outsiders when they were attacked or encountered other bad things.

There weren't many warriors in the main city of the Demon Night. Nearly half of the warriors left the city to explore the infinite wilderness outside. And to obtain some Illusion Points, they killed the beasts in the wilderness.

Of course, the Demon Night would also issue some challenges to each other. However, they would fight somewhere outside the city after being invited by their opponents. But other warriors would not participate in the battle or suddenly attack anyone.

Seeing such an order in the city, Zen was sensible in not directly attacking others to get Illusion Points.

Although there were a large number of warriors of the Demon Night around the city, they weren't that cautious of Zen. In this city where everyone complied with the rules, the newcomers were also expected to abide by them.

There were also a small number of ogre warriors and human warriors going in and out of the city gate. They also strictly followed the rules and didn't randomly plunder other warriors' Illusion Points.

"It seems like I've come to the wrong place..."

A depressed expression appeared on Zen's face. The biggest function of the Teleportation Token was to allow him to teleport to different main cities.

In this kind of situation, Zen would only need to travel to different main cities and kill warriors, so that he would be able to acquire a considerable amount of Illusion Points.

However, most of the warriors in the city of the Demon Night had gone to the wilderness to kill fierce beasts. But the number of Illusion Points they had accumulated was not much. The points were scattered among them and were not gathered together by one warrior

on Token could not be used now, he had originally planned to head towards the cities in the north. If he were to follow them to the abandoned tower, it would be a good idea.

Thinking of this, Zen also planned to join this team.

But before Zen could say anything, the third warrior of the Demon Night spoke, "Directly to the north of the city, there is a Deadwood Gate twenty-four thousand miles away. We need urgent assistance. Those who are willing to join and successfully rescue Amber and Aurora would get five hundred thousand Illusion Points."

As the warriors present heard these words, all of them had every intention of joining the rescue.

Five hundred thousand Illusion Points were already enough for many warriors. This number was enough for them to rank in the top ten million in the Illusion Battlefield!

But this Deadwood Gate was a rather dangerous place. Now that the warriors were asked to go there for the emergency rescue, they were confused as to what had happened.

One of the warriors asked, "Amber and Aurora have led the elites of the main city to explore there, right? Did they fail?"

The Demon Night's warrior shook her head and replied, "No. They did not fail, but encountered a sudden attack from another group. Most of the members of that group are ogres. Amber and Aurora are trapped inside the Deadwood Gate. They are in great danger now!"

"It is the ogres that do such an evil thing again!"

"Those despicable ogres only want to rob others..."

"I'm willing to go to the Deadwood Gate!"

It wasn't that the Demon Night members didn't have the strength to plunder other warriors' Illusion Points at all, but they didn't like to fight for anything by nature, nor did they like to expand.

Thus, this exceptional, powerful race only occupied a bit over three hundred supreme worlds in the Upper World. Their territory was not expansive, severely not in proportion with their strength!

However, Zen didn't care about this. He just paid attention to the name "Amber" that the warrior of the Demon Night mentioned.

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