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   Chapter 1558 A Familiar Face

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Once she gave him the jade slip then Lucille would have no more means to make Zen accountable to their deal.

The use of magnetic power as a secret cultivation technique wasn't even passed down in her own clan. This was privately taught to her by the patriarch himself!

Lucille usually sat within the Magnetic Sacred Mountain while cultivating with the five elements. She did this in order to extract the surrounding magnetic power in order to aid her cultivation.

However, the Magnetic Sacred Mountain was incredibly heavy and it was impossible for her to carry it around like Zen did if she didn't know how to refine it.

Had Zen been any other stranger, there was no way she was going to give him such a secret technique.

But Zen's knowledge of the refining method was too precious to pass up!

She couldn't just let him leave, not with the knowledge that he had something of value to her. All Lucille could do was to swallow her pride and exchange information with Zen.

Zen, on the other hand, was no fool and quickly noticed the trace of hesitation on Lucille's face.

He knew perfectly what she was thinking but he simply waited for her to make her choice.

If she didn't believe in him then he could just leave. Now that he knew the potential of the mountain's magnetic power then all he needed to do was to enter the library and search for more information regarding it. Finding this method shouldn't be too difficult.

However, that would mean waiting until after he got out of the Illusion Battlefield. Since Lucille was offering up the information to him now then that would be extremely convenient for him.

Lucille chewed on her lip but her shoulders visibly slumped in resignation. "You can't spread this technique to others. If you do, my Ji Clan will hunt you down to the darkest corners of the universe!"

Zen would've rolled his eyes but that wasn't exactly polite.

He was someone who had already killed four Supreme Lords. He was not afraid of the Ji Clan nor the fact that they might also be included in the long list of those who currently waited for him at the gates of his fairy palace.

Still, he nodded in understanding and took the jade slip that Lucille gave to him.

With it in his hands, Zen quickly infused his senses into the jade slip and began to rapidly memorize the technique.

Just as she said, this technique alone would be enough to help him extract the magnetic power from the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

Fortunately, Zen came upon an epiphany the moment he was done memorizing it.

A trace of nervousness appeared in Lucille's heart once she saw the change in Zen's expression.

She wasn't usually so jumpy but this technique had been passed down to her from the patriarch. The repercussions of him finding out that she gave it to an

e Illusion Battlefield was initially fairly distributed with a hundred points per person.

However, this was a competition and, as time passed, the Illusion Points slowly began to get concentrated within certain groups of people.

The Illusion Points possessed by the 'grass' were transferred to the 'sheep' who were then, in turn, eaten by the 'wolves.'

In the end, the 'wolves' would also perish in the hands of the 'lions' and 'tigers.' Such was the way of the warrior.

If Zen wanted to rank higher, then he would need to continuously collect more Illusion Points!

Right now, he had around five million Illusion Points and it was probably enough to let him stand among the top ten thousand.

However, he shouldn't be complacent. Other warriors were constantly collecting Illusion Points and the five million he had now would be nothing after a few hours since there was someone bound to pass by him on the way to the top.

The only way Zen could remain where he stood was to persevere and continuously farm for Illusion Points, further increasing the accumulated points he had in his body.


Zen's eyes gazed over the map, and he quickly swooped down to the main city of his choosing. He landed heavily on the ground and immediately saw a sprawling emerald green field in front of him.

There were towering trees that reached into the clouds with tree houses built onto each one. The city walls were made up of rows upon rows of intertwined old tree roots and there was evidence of dense life force that poured into them.

Zen's eyes flashed in curiosity as he took in the scene. "Is this the main city of the Demon Night race?"

The sight was interesting but he reminded himself of the reason why he was here in the first place: to gain more Illusion Points.

However, he never expected to meet up with a familiar face in this area.

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