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   Chapter 1557 Deal

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Nobody had ever considered the possibility of Zen defeating Lucille.

Sure, the fight between the two was heart-thumping but they never thought that this young man would actually succeed in killing the powerful young miss.

Whispers began to circulate through the crowd. Just who exactly was this young man? Where did he come from? Who was his teacher?

They were all itching to find out.

"Lucille is here!" someone declared.

Many of them turned their heads to look. Lucille had indeed been revived and was slowly walking towards the top of the city wall.

"She didn't leave the city immediately after she was revived. She went up the wall instead!"

"She doesn't want to challenge that guy again?"

"Does that mean she's accepting her defeat?"

They all thought Lucille would hurry back and challenge Zen to a rematch the moment she was revived. They never saw her as someone who gave up easily. It seemed they were wrong.

Meanwhile, Zen remained perched on top of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, as if waiting for his opponent.

There was a high chance of heavy conflict between the two of them. However, he didn't expect that she would choose to climb up the city wall instead.

Zen looked down at her from his place on top of the mountain with a smile. "Don't you want a rematch?"

Lucille shook her head. "No, I don't," she replied firmly.

But it wasn't out of cowardice. The goal for the Illusion Battlefield's first phase was to accumulate as many Illusion Points as possible. She couldn't do that if she ended up losing to Zen again and again. Lucille was stubborn but she wasn't someone who fought battles that she wasn't confident she'd win.

"We'll have a chance to fight each other again sooner or later," she told him. "When that time comes… I hope you're ready."

Lucille gave Zen a knowing smile. When the time came for them to meet on the battlefield once again, she would've already fused with Lucy. By then, there was no way she would lose!

Zen shrugged. "Sure!" he said before rubbing the back of his head. "I have a question though."

"What is it?" she asked.

"Why was it that the blue-clothed warrior's Illusion Points were absorbed by you?" he asked.

He already asked her this before but Lucille chose not to answer. He brought it up again only because he was really curious about this matter and still couldn't figure out how she did it. No matter how strong she was, there was no way Lucille could bend the Illusion Battlefield's rules.

The young girl gave him a knowing smile before holding out a golden p

n more points from more sheep.

Just as Zen was about to leave, Lucille pursed her lips and finally opened her mouth, "Wait! Wait!"

Zen stopped and turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"I can make a deal with you!" she said through her life vitality.

She couldn't let him go that easily. The method of refining a Magnetic Sacred Mountain was too important to pass up. She needed to learn it for her cultivation of the five elements.

"What kind of deal?" Zen asked.

There was a trace of emotion that appeared on Zen's face as he followed the slight movement of her thin lips.

Five minutes later, he found himself in front of a house at the corner of the main city.

Zen sighed as he looked at the quaint house and felt a certain sense of serenity from it. He couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of Lucille who spent her days idling by in this house but still ended up accumulating so many Illusion Points to herself. While, Zen was out there fighting against anything and anyone but the amount he earned was actually less than a tenth of her Illusion Points.

Inside, Lucille stood in the middle of the courtyard, holding a row of blank jade slips in her hands.

With a delicate voice, she uttered the word, "seal" and held the jade slip up to Zen. "I will teach you how to refine the magnetic power in the Magnetic Sacred Mountain through this jade slip but that's it. How you use it will depend entirely on your own comprehension!"

Zen nodded in understanding and made a move to take the jade slip from Lucille.

However, a trace of hesitation appeared on her face.

'What if I give this to him but he refuses to teach me his method of refining a Magnetic Sacred Mountain?'

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