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   Chapter 1556 Lucy

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The competition in the Illusion Battlefield was quite intense.

Since there were many main cities in the Illusion Battlefield and the majority of the martial artists could only move in a certain area, it was impossible for them to pass through many main cities in a short period of time.

Therefore, the vast majority of warriors attacked and killed others to get Illusion Points around a main city.

Of course, everyone had different ways to get Illusion Points.

Lucille, for example, took control of a main city and collected Illusion Points like she was collecting tax. All the warriors in the city had to pay "taxes" and no one could escape.

Of course, if she had collected Illusion Points merely by taking up a city, it would have been impossible for her to reach such a high ranking.

However, Lucille practiced One Soul in Two Bodies. Her duplicate form, Lucy, was wandering around in another supreme world to gather Illusion Points there.

The number of Illusion Points Lucy obtained was also recorded under Lucille's name.

This was the main reason why Lucille had been able to take the lead and be ranked seventh in the pyramid. It was such a great feat that the entire Ji Clan felt proud of her.

After all, in the Thoughtless Minds, only two people had managed to fight their way into the top ten. One was Nathan, who had been ranked first before, while the other was Lucille. After Nathan's ranking had dropped for no reason, Lucille was the only martial artist from the Thoughtless Minds who had entered the top ten.

The Ji Clan's patriarch was also quite happy when he saw this. He repeatedly exclaimed that the Ji Clan finally had a worthy successor.

However, at this very moment, Lucille's ranking rapidly dropped! It dropped all the way from the 7th to 700th!

The master of the Ji Clan stared fixedly at the names on the pyramid with a grim expression on his face.

"Someone has killed Lucille once!" the master of the Ji Clan said coldly.

Unfortunately, people outside the Illusion Battlefield were not able to observe what was happening inside. All they could do was to wonder who had the strength to kill the ace talent of the Ji Clan.

"Hmph, the person that has defeated Lucille wouldn't be a nobody. I wonder what gave the person the courage to provoke my niece!" one of the elders of the Ji Clan said with a stern voice. Big clans were usually domineering. In the Ji Clan, Lucille was the apple of everyone's eyes. How could they tolerate someone attacking her and killing her?

"As I said before, we should have let Lucille merge with Lucy. One Soul in Two Bodies would greatly reduce her strength. Why take the trouble of using such a method!?" another elder said angrily.

Being a duplicate of Lucille, Lucy had extraordinary power as well. The key point was that only when the two fused together could Lucille unleash her full power.

Before the Illusion Battlefield opened, there had been a dispute among the Ji Clan about whether or not t

anning to go to another main city.

When the martial artists in the main city saw Lucy preparing to leave, they were secretly relieved. The sooner this plague left, the better!

But just before she left, Lucy discovered that her ranking had started to drop drastically.

"Who... Who killed me?"

Lucy closed her eyes.

She could connect to Lucille through telepathic communication. After a moment, Lucy had the answer to her question.

'A warrior called Thad Luo…

If I want to find this guy, I'll probably have to cross supreme worlds. I'm currently unable to do it.

However, with the strength this guy possesses, I'll eventually encounter him.'

As she thought of this, her blurry eyes lit up with a clear ray of light.

In another main city, a human figure slowly emerged from a green ball of light.

It was Lucille, who had been killed by Zen. She was reviving very quickly.

Not long after, the ball of light broke into pieces and Lucille appeared from within. She looked in the direction of the main city's exit with a depressed look in her clear eyes.

"Young master!"

"Young master!"

Norton and Ethan had been waiting for a long time beside the green sphere of light.

Back when Norton was defeated by Zen, he had initially been unwilling to accept it. But now, after seeing that even Lucille had been defeated by that guy, he realized that there was a huge gap between him and Zen in terms of strength.

Lucille gave a slight nod before walking toward the city gate.

On top of the city wall, all the martial artists looked at Zen with awe in their eyes.

This kid had really done it. He had killed Lucile, the ace talent of the Ji Clan!

In the eyes of these Soul Sea Realm warriors who had resigned to their fate, it was simply incomprehensible to them that a Soul Sea Realm warrior could kill Lucille.

After all, Lucille was an undefeatable legend. No one in the main city could become her match, let alone kill her.

And yet, Zen had done it.

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