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   Chapter 1555 Rising Rapidly

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Facing Lucille's five-colored palm print, Zen's face was filled with happiness.

In that instant, Zen activated the power of 30, 000 dragon scales.

He also sent a palm strike toward Lucille. However, within this ordinary palm strike was an unimaginable power.

In fact, it was out of helplessness that Lucille had used the Five-element Palm Print against Zen.

It was just like what the bystanders had said: Lucille was not in her complete form right now.

At this very moment, in another supreme world of the Illusion Battlefield, there was another Lucille—Lucy.

One Soul in Two Bodies...

Although such cultivation methods were rare in the universe, they did exist.

It was similar to Yolande's cultivation method, with which she could split her own soul into a million pieces.

However, after she activated the Soul Split Spell, she could only gain enlightenment.

On the other hand, with Lucille's One Soul in Two Bodies, although the two bodies shared one soul, they could cultivate separately. When the two of them merged, she would become complete as the true ace talent of the Ji Clan!

Because of this, right now, Lucille could only use the Earth Element Power and the Metal Element Power. The other three Original Laws were very weak, so the powers of the five elements she released weren't complete.


This palm print was the only choice Lucille had.

If Lucy was here, it would be hard to say whether she would have won or lost against Zen's palm strike. Since Lucy's combat style was completely different from hers, after the two of them merged, their strengths and weaknesses would complement each other, which would give her the perfect form of the five elements. That was the true cultivation of the five elements.

But now, under Zen's attack, Lucille's Five-element Palm Print started to crumble.

"It's over," Zen said with a smile. After breaking Lucille's attack, he placed his hand on Lucille's forehead. He had a gentle expression on his face, as if he was merely helping Lucille wipe the sweat on her forehead.

However, with a light wave of his hand, a huge force spread out, causing Lucille's body to directly disintegrate in front of everyone.

A red light wrapped around Lucille's soul and flew toward the main city.

At the same time, the Illusion Points burst out from her dissipated body.

Countless Illusion Points began to spread out and grow, reaching 20 to 30 feet.

The martial artists on the city walls were seeing so many Illusion Points that all of their eyes almost bulged out in surprise.

Since Lucille had been the "lord" of the city, there were eight "butchers" that had helped her gather Illusion Points day and night. Under her absolute control, the number of Illusion Points she had collected was definitely not a small one.

Although everyone had been mentally prepared to see

rious great Clans. They were unique existences who exceeded the ace talents. These Godly Geniuses were strong enough to change the fate and direction of their clans!

Any clan would be willing to spend all their resources on their Godly Geniuses.

This was because there was a saying in the universe that went, "To destroy a powerful clan, one must first kill the Godly Genius of that clan!" If the Godly Genius wasn't killed, they would rely on their monstrous destiny and incredible talent to fight their way back one day.

Therefore, when it came to great clans, even when their clans were destroyed, their Godly Geniuses could not be killed. The Godly Genius was only a seedling, but could become the future of the entire clan.

There was something mystical about these words. After all, some of the great clans had a very solid foundation. If the Godly Genius of such a clan really did perish, then the clan would be able to foster a new one.

However, from this saying, it could be seen just how much importance these clans placed on their Godly Geniuses.

To be able to make it into the top ten of the entire Illusion Battlefield was already very impressive, but Lucille had an innate advantage in the Illusion Battlefield.

While everyone in the Illusion Battlefield was fighting alone, Lucille had two bodies, both of which were extremely strong. Naturally, her number of Illusion Points was twice that of the other ace talents, and even the number of some Godly Geniuses.

Even so, the Ji Clan was not satisfied with Lucille's ranking.

They wanted Lucille to be the first. There was no second choice, only first! After nurturing her for so many years, the Ji Clan would be ashamed if she didn't become the first.

However, on the pyramid in front of the Ji Clan and the patriarch, Lucille's name suddenly fell down rapidly.

From the 7th rank, she dropped directly down to the 700th!

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