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   Chapter 1554 Death Chain (Part Two)

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Lucille's repetitive attacks were becoming much more skillful, and definitely more ferocious!

She had specially focused her attacks on Zen's vital parts, and every move of hers could kill him. At the speed of light, she slashed and cut at his eyes, throat and abdomen, hoping to blind, decapitate and disembowel him.

It was because Zen's ability to predict danger was so extremely accurate that he could always avoid the most serious injuries at the last critical moment, but the wounds on his body had still continued to increase! She was slicing him up bit by bit.


Another golden wind gathered momentum and swept over!

A murderous smile appeared on Lucille's face and there was a twinkle of expectation in her dark eyes now.

She had found an unexpected flaw in Zen's defenses, and after this attack, she would be able to end his life!

Being in a stalemate with this insignificant person for so long had forced her to use the Crescent Blade, and Lucille couldn't help but sigh in her heart that this universe was truly marvelous. It was a wonder that such a powerful yet insignificant person had shown up from nowhere, while she had not noticed him at all. She then realized that earlier she had underestimated the difficulty of the Illusion Battlefield. This display of prowess had been both entertaining and challenging and Lucille was feeling contented at this opportunity to really display her talents.


This time, her attack missed Zen. The warriors on the wall gasped in puzzlement and looked at each other with confused faces. How could Lucille miss?

Zen had deliberately shown that flaw.

Lucille did not care overly much that she had missed in her attack on him. This kind of duplicitous action could only be described as boring trickery in her eyes. She only valued strength and skill, not deception.

Since Zen was, in her opinio

ille in front of him was surprisingly fast. Zen had dodged and retreated while pondering on how to break the situation, then he suddenly remembered that he still had this magic weapon and he wondered if it would work. He had actually never used it before!


Streaks of golden wind were flashing.

Lucille's silhouette kept appearing and disappearing in the golden wind. However, no matter how much she struggled, she couldn't get more than ten feet away from Zen as the chain held her locked in place.

No matter how fast she was, she still couldn't break free from this chain.

Although Zen looked miserable with his multitude of bloody cuts, he knew that he had already won when the Death Chain had locked onto Lucille!

The Death Chain could only extend a distance of ten feet. With a slight tug from Zen, Lucille was yanked back by Zen's immense power.

Realizing that she was unable to escape from his chain, a determined look appeared on Lucille's face. She no longer struggled meaninglessly; instead, she once again drained all of the life vitality in her body. Accompanied by the brilliant luster of the Five-element Finger Chain, the life vitality turned into a five-colored palm print and rushed towards Zen with murderous intent!

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