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   Chapter 1553 Death Chain (Part One)

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As Zen released the Eight Smoky Melodies, his entire body tumbled backwards!

The Crescent Blade left a bloody scar several inches long on Zen's face in almost the same instant that the barrier of the Eight Smoky Melodies threw him backwards!

The tumble motion was Zen's sharp reaction to the impending crisis, and it was this movement that had saved him from calamity.

If he hadn't thrown himself backwards, Lucille's attack would have crushed Zen's head with that Crescent Blade.

Huff! Huff!

Both of them had flipped in the air! Lucille was repelled backwards by the smoky barrier which Zen had created.

When Lucille saw that she did not manage to do anything other than scratch him with her formidable attack, she coldly snorted. With a sweep of her golden wind, her figure disappeared again. She appeared again and assumed a station another hundred feet from Zen, and stood on the top of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain!

'This guy's reaction is really fast...' she thought, secretly impressed.

In the eyes of the bystanders, Lucille had launched an attack right after she had recovered. It could be said that she seemed to be in a hurry!

However, she knew very well that, whether it was its timing or angle, this move had already reached its limits, and she still had not managed to do more than give Zen a close shave! She hadn't expected that Zen would still have been able to dodge the sudden attack which all of her other opponents had been unable to defend against in time.

As for Zen, he was quite speechless as he looked at the small embroidered shoes on Lucille's feet and the Crescent Blade concealed under them. Gingerly, he wiped away some of the blood which was trickling from the cut along his face. Zen was not overly concerned by this superficial injury as his body would heal swiftly.

'This woman has so many tricks up her sleeve!

Even something as mundane as a pair of embroidered s

d, and they didn't deal as much damage to him as Lucille had already done.

It was obviously impossible to also trap Lucille with Heavenly Tribulation as Zen had done with the Celestial Mice! She was so much more powerful than that already.

While Zen was being attacked by Lucille, his mind was also working hard. He knew that if he couldn't break out of this situation, he would lose sooner or later!



Streams of blood sprayed out again, as Lucille kept advancing her swift attacks and then retreating again.

"Ha-ha, Lucille becomes really serious now. Look, her attacks are as smooth as flowing water, one after one. She doesn't allow her opponent a chance to catch his breath!"

"With her strength and speed, I'm afraid that she could easily kill a warrior at the middle stage of the Spirit Supreme Realm."

"Like I said, an ace talent is an ace talent. How could this guy hope to defeat her? What's more, Lucille has only displayed half of her power so far, right? I heard that Lucy has also entered the Illusion Battlefield. Lucille has actually entered the Illusion Battlefield under two identities at the same time! She must have divided herself to be able to achieve that feat. But I wonder if she will become one with Lucy in the later battles?"

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