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   Chapter 1552 The Crescent Blade

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Generally speaking, Soul Sea Realm warriors should only need three life vitality jades to replenish their Soul Seas.

However, Lucille was different. As the ace talent in her family, she was personally assisted by her patriarch in expanding her Soul Sea by three times when she established it.

This was essential since she practiced the Five Elements Godly Way which made her consume far more life vitality than the average warriors.

Zen's chaotic Soul Sea was quite suitable for the Five Elements Godly Way if one thought about it since the chaotic energy condensed within his body was far greater than an ordinary life vitality sea.

Lucille, who needed to replenish her Soul Sea, quickly shattered ten life vitality jades all at once.

A torrential rain suddenly poured down in her inner world, flooding her almost dried-up Soul Sea with much-needed life vitality.

As she got her bearings, Lucille couldn't help but stare at Zen in astonishment.

She never thought his strength would be this terrifying!

Or was it strength? That couldn't be it. Lucille was someone who had witnessed many displays of innate superhuman strength. Norton was a good example.

That guy and also his father were both born with great strength and berserker-like qualities. Norton's father had the cultivation of a world lord and was quite famous in the Thoughtless Minds.

They were the type of people who drew confidence from their bodies' strength and used whatever means to fight for what they wanted.

For them, reaching an extremely terrifying level of sheer strength was paramount. It was by relying on pure energy could they hope to one day shatter space, destroy the heavens, and become gods.

Such was the way of a berserker warrior.

Of course, nobody knew for certain if what people like Norton and his father aimed for was possible. Nobody had yet reached such a level of strength to shatter space and destroy the heavens in the current grand era.

However, the universe was filled with countless warriors with varying cultivation methods. No one way was absolute.

For some, strength was the only way to go while others might not necessarily think the same way.

Norton, however, was his father's successor and surely went on to follow his path.

He was already pretty powerful as a Soul Sea Realm warrior. Lucille herself had never seen anyone on par with him when it came to strength.

But Zen had been able to kill both Norton and Ethan.

It wasn't just strength that Zen possessed but superhuman power. Norton and Ethan were no match for him.

However, there were varying opinions a

mmoned a white mist and let it surround his body.

"The Eight Smoky Melodies."

He was able to activate it just in time to come face to face with Lucille. The golden wind aided her speed and helped her get to Zen quickly. The young girl was upside down and obviously looked at him with intense killing intent.


Her entire body spun 180 degrees and the Crescent Blade on her feet drew a blinding half-circle as it came slashing down towards Zen.

These events all happened extremely fast.

From the moment Zen activated the Eight Smoky Melodies to Lucille slashing down the Crescent Blade towards him - everything took place in just a blink of an eye.

The spectators were at the edge of their seats. One moment Lucille was shattering life vitality jades and the next she was upside down and already so close to Zen!

Meanwhile, Zen couldn't help but think just how lucky it was that he was able to activate the Eight Smoky Melodies just in time. Any strike from Lucille would cut his head off already if he wasn't careful.

He quickly flew backwards just as she struck.

But the Eight Smoky Melodies' reaction was quite slow.

Back then, Zen was able to avoid his opponents' attacks effortlessly. The fiercer and faster the attacks, the better he could dodge them.

He was always able to maintain a distance of three inches between him and his opponents.

That time, when he faced against an ogre warrior in the wilderness who shot an arrow at him, Zen was able to dodge it with mere three inches to spare.

However, Lucille's movements were incredibly fast, far surpassing the Eight Smoky Melodies' limits. The Crescent Blade had gone past the distance of three inches and was close to slashing Zen's face!

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