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   Chapter 1551 Competing Against Zen

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At the macro level, measuring a warrior's strength was to measure his momentum and might.

But at the micro level, a warrior's true strength was measured by their ability to control their power and movement speed. This ability could be regarded as the absolute control of strength.

As a sort of test, some warriors placed birds in their hands. When the birds were about to fly away, the warriors would move their hands slightly, making the birds unable to move their feet, causing them to fall back into the palms. Such was a sign that warriors had mastered the skill of absolute control.

But such a method wasn't flawless. Even the early-stage warriors, still going through body refinement, would be able to grasp what was known as the "skill of stopping birds".

Some warriors who were more skilled could even place the bird on their heads, shoulders, and chest. Even in these positions, the warrior could stop the bird from flying away.

Some could even stop not only birds, but also flies and mosquitoes.

As mosquitoes were much smaller, the warriors had to be able to sense and withdraw the force that supported them the moment they flew away. This test was more difficult than stopping a bird.

But compared to what Zen was currently doing, stopping a mosquito was a mere side trick.

When Lucille was looking down on Zen from high up in the sky, watching his strikes and skill in movement during his performance in the sword rain, she already noticed how remarkable he was.

As she tried stabbing him with her sword, she suddenly realized the mysteries within it. Zen maintained a distance of three inches from each of the descending golden swords, circling the sword that she thrust out. This was a display of his absolute control of strength and movement speed.

Never had Lucille seen control to such an extent.

How did Zen do it?

After witnessing his strange movement skill, Lucille decided to take Zen on as an opponent qualified to face her.


Not giving Lucille a chance to consider anything else, he flew backward and swung the Thunder Wind Divine Sword directly toward her.

Facing his sword strike, Lucille didn't dodge.

Given the situation, all of her attention was focused on his movement skill, but she wanted to find out what method he used to control his distance so exactly.

When the blue sword light struck down, Lucille raised her right hand and grabbed onto his sword.


Lucille's right hand was adorned with the Five-element Finger Chain, connecting with her five fingers, forming a layer of protection.

As she stretched out her hand, she made use of the chain to grip the sword firmly in her hand.

While fighting warriors at the same cultivation level, Zen had always been the only one to grab hold of others' sword

journey. Naturally, he didn't have the time to buy any fairy or sacred weapons, so he thought it was quite a shame.

Once, Zen had every intention of asking Livingston to forge some weapons for him to melt.

But Livingston was completely immersed in refining weapons and wholeheartedly tried to turn the sword embryo into a real one. In the past few years, he barely left the weapon refining workshop.

Facing Zen who had doubled his power, Lucille fell once again.

This time, it became clear to her how stupid it was to fight against Zen. And she had another issue—the life vitality in her body had already been completely used up. As the life vitality in her inner world was just sucked out, over 99% of her life vitality sea had already been depleted.

"It should be over, right?"

Zen smiled faintly as the sword intent suddenly appeared in the Thunder Wind Divine Sword. The sword intent moved along the blade and flew straight at Lucille in an instant.

If she was hit by it, she would have already been beheaded and would've had to return to the main city for revival.

It wasn't that Zen was merciless, but in order to get the Illusion Points, he had no other choice but to kill her.


Lucille only snorted coldly. Before Zen's sword intent could reach her, a golden wind swept over and Lucille's figure disappeared once again.

Not even Zen could match her speed.

Keeping her balance, Lucille lightly patted her wrist and pulled out dozens of life vitality jades. The moment she brought them out, she crushed them in her hands, releasing the life vitality, turning it into white fog. Quickly, she absorbed it all and replenished the life vitality within her body.

Relying on only her speed, she already made herself invincible as she faced Zen just then. But in the contest of pure strength, Zen clearly had the upper hand.

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