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   Chapter 1550 Golden Sword Rain

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Lucille's eyes held determination as she raised her wrist again and gently waved her fingers in the air. The thin chain dripped and hung down like crystal droplets between her fingers.

"Metal Element Power!"

The ring on her ring finger started to glow with a faint golden light, which gradually formed into a golden sword.

The sword formed by the golden light didn't have a fixed shape. The rhombus-shaped golden ray was bound to Lucille's hand as it glinted marvelously under the light, like a snake's flicking tongue.

At that moment, Lucille had quickly made her decision!

She could tell that Zen wasn't someone who would easily admit losing. Only by defeating such a man could she make him realize the gap between him and reality.

Thus, she finally decided to kill him once. If he got mad, she could just pay him 500, 000 Illusion Points as an apology.


A gust of golden wind blew and Lucille's figure faded away into the wind, gone from everyone's sight in a blink of an eye.

Zen scanned his surroundings, and then his whole body suddenly flew backwards after he just focused for a second!

"Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!"

As Zen flew backwards in the air, a series of gilded swords came crashing down from the sky like a golden storm.

Each swing of the gilded swords left a deep hole in the ground. The usually empty space was filled with small, densely packed holes in just a second. It looked like a complete mess!

The rain of golden swords covered an enormous area. At first, Zen couldn't escape the storm of swords no matter how fast he retreated.

After all, there were so many golden swords that even Zen couldn't completely dodge them all!


One golden sword suddenly pierced Zen's collarbone!

Had it been any other warrior's body, the golden sword would've completely penetrated it and crushed it on the ground.

However, the sword only cut through Zen's flesh. One end of the sword was embedded into his shoulder blade.

The spectators on top of the city wall couldn't help but admire Zen's immense strength. However, Zen was slightly shocked inside and thought, 'How could the golden sword's penetrating power be so strong?'

Lucille summoned the golden sword with merely a ring on her Five-element Finger Chain, which could be considered a type of profound mystery of the Metal Law. As even the rain of gilded swords could break his divine weapon body, he couldn't imagine what that golden sword in Lucille's hand could do.


Meanwhile, Lucille floated far away as her cold eyes looked at Zen's flickering figure. "If you can't hold on, you can fly back to the main city. You will then have time to consider what you want f

Even though there was a deadlock, the battle was still quite entertaining. The martial artists found it amazing to watch Zen's figure shuttle through the rain of golden swords.

Some of them even looked at Zen with such delight that they wanted to find a trace of mystery in Zen's technique and comprehend it.

The Eight Smoky Melodies' only principle was to take advantage of the situation. There was no mystery or pattern. It was simply impossible for them to see through any of it by just relying on Zen's floating movement technique.

"This man!"

At that point, Lucille couldn't hold herself back anymore.

There was no way she'd believe that she couldn't deal with him.

As she thought about it, Lucille disappeared in the golden wind again.

"Here she is!" Zen murmured.

He had been floating in the golden sword storm for quite a while now, waiting for this very moment!

The golden wind flashed, and then Lucille suddenly appeared behind Zen. The golden light in her palm shot out and extended into a ten feet long golden sword, which pierced towards Zen!

However, it was like Zen had grown a pair of eyes behind him. His body started to sway in a spiral movement as he followed the golden sword and circled around it, careful to keep a distance of three inches during the whole process.

Then, he appeared in front of Lucille in a mere second. The Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his hand flashed with a blue light as he swung it towards Lucille's face!

Their distance now was the closest they ever got to each other, ever since their fight had started.

Lucille didn't expect that Zen would fly backwards and his extremely precise control of the distance. He had flown close to her golden sword but always kept three inches between them. His method was simply amazing!

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