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   Chapter 1549 The Five Elements Godly Way

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The scene in front of Lucille was totally out of her expectation--she didn't foresee the appearance of a Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

It wasn't just her. All of the surrounding warriors gasped in shock as well when they saw it.

"Where did this brat move this mountain from?"

"Lucille was almost pressed under the mountain! This mountain even destroyed her Earth Element Power..."

"I can carry an ordinary mountain, but this mountain is especially heavy that it's out of this world!"

"This mountain has colorful lights and the aura of the five elements. It seems to be a Magnetic Sacred Mountain!"

Many warriors also did not expect that Zen would use such an unreasonable method to break Lucille's Earth Element Power.

Meanwhile, Lucille floated in the air and looked down at the Magnetic Sacred Mountain with a shocked but unwavering gaze.

"This is the Magnetic Sacred Mountain! You have refined it yourself!"

However, Zen just looked at her impassively. Although he had refined this Magnetic Sacred Mountain for a long time, he rarely brought it out to his fights. He also wondered why Lucille was so surprised when she saw him summon the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

"Yes, you're right! Why are you so surprised?" Zen said airily. Back then, Zen had found the method of refining a Magnetic Sacred Mountain in the Myriad Manifestations of Nature.

The five elements of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain were mixed, and it couldn't be refined no matter what type of Law Power was used.

Some warriors in the Upper World had tried to refine ordinary mountains through the Earth Law--but ordinary mountains weren't that hard, so it would be stupid to use them in a battle.

Besides, a Soul Sea Realm warrior could easily break the earth, and even more an ordinary mountain. Only a sturdy mountain like the Magnetic Sacred Mountain could be used to fight against enemies, but few of people in history had refined it.

However, the Blood Refinement Technique from the Myriad Manifestations of Nature had a miraculous effect on refining the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

Since Zen owned the fairy palace, he was lucky to find the Blood Refinement Technique in the library. However, he wasn't aware that this technique wasn't passed down in the Upper World.

Lucille was quite familiar with the Magnetic Sacred Mountain since she had the Five-element Finger Chain, and the combination of the five elements was her cultivation method. The Magnetic Sacred Mountain could evenly combine the laws of the five elements, which made it a wonder of the universe.

The combination of the five elements was to completely merge the five Original Laws with each other. This was one of the methods to step into the Godly Way--the Five Elements Godly Way.

In this universe, there were several Supreme Lords, several hundred thousand world lords, and numerous martial artists who had surpassed the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm and the Spirit Transformation Realm. Yet, only a handful of them h

y... Does he have the confidence to defeat me?'

However, Lucille still didn't take him seriously, even though his Magnetic Sacred Mountain had broken her Earth Element Power.

She knew well that this young man in front of her was indeed not bad, but it was impossible for him to defeat her. Hence, Lucille was more curious about him. 'How is this guy so confident?' she thought.

Lucille paid her last thought no mind and simply said, "You can put forward other conditions, and my Ji Clan will try to fulfill them for you. I am not referring to the Illusion Battlefield, but the outside world!"

Thoughtless Minds was one of the three great human forces, and the Ji Clan was the third largest family of the Thoughtless Minds. The Ji Clan was still a behemoth even if compared to many other races in the Upper World, not to mention a warrior of the Soul Sea Realm.

In Lucille's eyes, the Ji Clan could easily fulfill any request this youth had.

"Conditions..." Zen smiled as he stared at Lucille. "I'm not interested in that. I think a fight between us is much more fun!"

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword appeared in front of his chest once again as he spoke, and the smile on his face turned hard and serious.

Zen didn't care about the Ji Clan.

He could even teach her the Blood Refinement Technique without rewards.

The Myriad Manifestations of Nature was an essay written by his master. It recorded strange happenings and also mentioned this Blood Refinement Technique, which wasn't anything important.

It was simply because Zen didn't like this haughty woman's attitude!

He originally intended to stay outside the main city to get Lucille's Illusion Points, but now she said that she would spare his life for the Blood Refinement Technique. There was no way he'd agree to that!

At the same time, Lucille's eyes darkened at Zen's actions. Her voice deepened as she murmured, "It seems that you need a good lesson. Very well, I will make you understand the gap between us…"

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