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   Chapter 1548 Magnetic Sacred Mountain

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"This guy's vitality is really something else! If it was someone else, they would've already been slapped into meat paste!"

"Maybe he has some treasure that he's using to protect himself? Ah, but no matter how great that treasure is, he shouldn't be able to block that finger attack!"

"I think this is the first time Lucille used her Five-element Finger Chain. It is a supreme divine weapon ranked the 230th on the Universe Spirit Tablet. It's the Ji Clan's most precious treasure!"

"This guy still wants to resist? Seriously?"

There was a lot of commentary from the warriors who watched from the city wall and were clearly enjoying this fight happening right before their very eyes.

In this world, there were more or less three thousand supreme divine weapons.

These weapons, mighty and divine, were mostly controlled by world lords and Supreme Lords. Not many warriors had the luxury of seeing weapons of this caliber up close but they had more or less heard of them. Many of those present could clearly tell the origins of the Five-element Finger Chain.

This was the reason why they were all so hyped-up since this was probably the only time in their lives that they'd be able to see a supreme divine weapon at work.

"The Five-element Finger Chain was created from a five-colored divine stone. It contains the power of five different Original Laws!"

someone graciously supplied just as the giant finger came crashing down.


There was a loud booming sound as Zen's fist collided with this giant finger.

Everyone expected him to be crushed by this attack owing to the sheer discrepancy in proportion of Zen to this giant finger.

However, everyone gasped in surprise upon seeing the sight before them.

There was a gap between the finger and the ground. In between was Zen who remained standing!

Once the dust settled, Zen remained where he stood but there was an evident smile on his face.

The giant forefinger, condensed from Earth Law, suddenly exploded and scattered by the wind.

Zen's punch had actually managed to break through the attack!

"This… This guy!"

The audience on top of the city wall was rendered speechless by this scene.

The same time the finger exploded a wound appeared on Lucille's finger.

"Ow! It hurts," she frowned as fresh blood spurted from the wound.

The pain was mostly a piece of cake for any warrior.

Even someone who had just recently entered the early stage of body refining would not even blink from losing a finger, let alone a small scratch.

However, Lucille had always been

he couldn't even move!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks began to appear on the giant's shoulder. The mountain's weight was definitely too much to bear and anyone who had to stand underneath was sure to get crushed.

There was a faint smile on Zen's face as he watched this scene. Now that he had his enemy where he wanted, he took this opportunity to finally get close to Lucille.

He hoped this would be enough to kill her. He just couldn't help but feel excited as he thought about just how many Illusion Points were stored inside her body.

However, just as he was about to get near her, Lucille's eyes flashed dangerously. With a flick of a wrist, she quickly dissipated the Earth Law that had condensed the giant from existence.

Without any more resistance, the Magnetic Sacred Mountain quickly smashed down to the ground!

Anyone who had the unfortunate fate to be underneath this mountain was doomed.

However, just as the mountain rushed down towards her, Lucille lightly tapped the ring on her right thumb and pulled out a faint golden wind from it. With a gentle wave, she quickly disappeared from the spot.

The Magnetic Sacred Mountain heavily pressed down onto the ground that immediately crumbled underneath its weight. It took a couple of hundred meters before the mountain settled and finally stopped sinking.


To everyone's surprise, Lucille, who had previously been underneath the mountain, now stood on its peak, courtesy of the golden wind.

It was extremely windy at the top, owing mostly to the results of their battle.

Ivory ribbons flapped wildly behind her as the wind harshly whipped past.

From here, she looked down at Zen with a strange, unnatural expression.

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