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   Chapter 1547 A Giant

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Zen's first round of attacks was merely a trial run.

Still, that didn't make it something that could be taken down so easily.

Under the full force of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, regardless of whether it was the lightning or the wind blade, it was extremely sharp. Under Zen's control, the Nether God Shadows were all in different styles but all gave meticulous punches and kicks. For his opponent, it was no simple task to deal with the Nether God Shadows.

During the three waves of attacks, Lucille's clear eyes were clouded.

At this moment, she made a gesture—pressing the tips of her thumb and forefinger together, keeping the other three fingers raised. Her slender pinky was the most prominent, while the ring it wore emitted a faint, yellow light.

"Earth Protection," Lucille said softly.

The yellow light gradually condensed and formed the shape of a giant. It stood thousands of feet tall, enveloping Lucille within.

The light brought along a heavy aura.


The lightning emitted by Zen struck the yellow light heavily, leaving only a faint, charred mark before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

As for the wind blade, it could only cut through an inch.

Although the Nether God Shadows' fist techniques were undoubtedly exquisite with flawless coordination, they were unable to break through the powerful defense. It was even harder to reach Lucille as she stayed within the giant.

"Such strong defense!" Zen said with a raised eyebrow. Although he knew that the five rings on Lucille's hand were extraordinary, their true power exceeded his imagination. And at that point, she had only activated one ring.

After blocking Zen's attacks, Lucille raised her palm toward him. With the corner of her mouth slightly curled up, she smashed her palm down.

The action triggered the giant to do the same—it smashed straight down on Zen.


An earth-shattering sound resounded. Vibrations rippled out from the impact.

If warriors witnessed the scene from above, they would see a gigantic palm print on the empty space next to the city. Surrounding it were countless cracks, rapidly spreading out and expanding. The surrounding earth continued to shake.

When the giant palm landed, Zen flew backward, barely dodging it.

As he looked at the palm pri

lightly patted her fair, clean hands, the giant slapped its own.

Her clear eyes pierced through the yellow light to observe the situation outside.

Under her continuous slaps, the soil scattered, and Zen's figure was revealed.

The mud and gravel helped reduce the impact for Zen, but once they scattered away from him, the impact on him was direct.

Pak, pak, pak!

But something wasn't quite right, and surprise grew clear in Lucille's eyes.

Even as Zen was slapped by the huge palms, Lucille could see that his aura hadn't weakened in the slightest, and there were no visible injuries on his body.

'It's no wonder he killed Norton like it was nothing. His body is actually this strong!' she thought.

The fact made her eyebrows furrow.

The fingers of her left hand gently rose, binding Zen to her palm, as she raised her right hand and pressed down hard on him with her index finger.

As Zen lay on his back in the giant's hand, the giant's finger pressed down on him with a frightening force.

The power of this attack was concentrated—even more terrifying than the massive palm attacks.

But at this moment, Zen smiled and raised his fist toward the giant's finger.

Compared to the giant's finger, Zen's fist was almost invisible—the mere tip of the giant's finger was several times thicker than his whole body.

The scene was shocking.

In front of this giant, Zen was merely an ant that could be crushed with a finger.

In the eyes of the bystanders, he was completely trapped in this calamity.

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