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   Chapter 1546 Lucille Ji

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The woman was wearing a purple silk robe with exquisite embroidery. The ivory white ribbon which decorated her long ebony-colored hair slowly fluttered behind her like a banderole from a masthead, making her look like a fairy from a painting.

She walked daintily in her crescent-shaped embroidered shoes and explored around the edge of the city wall. With every step she took, a step formed by ice was created on the ground and these supported her light footsteps, permitting her to float forward a distance. The icy steps shattered with a loud bang once she had stepped off from these frozen perches, so every light step she took was accompanied by the clear and melodious sound of ice shattering.

Crack! Splash!

Zen's eyes were calm as he looked at the purple-clothed woman. However, he was on guard, and his four limbs quietly spread out in preparation for anything.

Cultivation was a standard that measured a warrior's strength. But, in the Upper World, this standard was no longer the most accurate.

For example, a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm could be far stronger than a normal warrior at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

Zen had personally killed Spirit Supreme Realm warriors before, and this situation had not only existed for him. Many powerful warriors throughout the universe, as well as the ace talents of various races could do the same. Cultivation had therefore become somewhat of a moot point now.

When Zen felt this woman's cold and sharp aura, he also felt that her strength was prodigious. She might even be the strongest warrior he had encountered since he entered the Illusion Battlefield.

"The city lord is here!"

"Is this woman the lord of this city? She is so beautiful and innocent-looking, like a fairy."

"Why would it be strange that a girl from the Ji Clan is so beautiful and looks like a fairy?"

The onlookers discussed it among themselves.

On top of the city wall, many warriors were enraptured by this woman's appearance, and their eyes began to shine with a radiant light. Only a perfect object could cause these glowing expressions to populate the faces of the warriors.

The woman in front of them was indeed perfect.

Zen's eyes followed suit and also glowed in admiration. In terms of appearance and demeanor, Lavender was probably the only one who could compare to this perfect woman.

However, her temperament was completely different from Lavender's.

Lavender radiated a feeling of supreme nobility, as if she was a goddess which had descended upon this world. Moreover, with every movement, Lavender would reveal resolution and killing intent. A fiery heart was hidden within, under her ice-cold exterior, just like a frozen volcano waiting to erupt.

The woman in front of him, on the other hand, was wrapped in an aura of serenity and peace.

Just like the falling snowflakes, her cold aura didn't make people want to resist her, but made them calm.

However, Zen could feel that there was a faint killing intent hidden just beneath the frosted facade. This killing intent was extremely arrogant, as if she had earned the confidence to kill and take the lives of all living beings. And those "living beings" naturally included him.

t now it became an epic snowstorm in the middle of winter.


Not only did the snowflakes get bigger, but the wind also picked up and became stronger.

In the midst of the swirling snowstorm, Lucille Ji's body suddenly flew towards Zen.


When she was slowly strolling through the snow, she was an elegant lady. But once she moved onto the battlefield, she became like a bolt of lightning, not at all inferior to a man.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between her and Zen had narrowed to less than 10 feet.

Zen's long sword also suddenly rang out.

"Nether God Shadows!"



As Zen infused his chaotic energy into the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, a twisting bolt of lightning shot out towards the woman with a sharp electric crackle.

This lightning was followed by a sharp wind blade.

After the wind blade, there came numerous Nether God Shadows, each of which displayed a different fist technique in attacking Lucille Ji.

On top of the city wall, all of the warriors were fixedly staring at the scene before them. They almost held their breaths in anticipation of what they believed was an inevitable outcome.

Many of the warriors in the city had witnessed or even experienced Lucille Ji's strength at first hand, so they didn't dare to cross over the city wall by even half an inch. This was because they clearly understood that only the rules of the city could protect them.

"Why do I feel that it's not fair? Has the city lord suddenly become generous, since she only plans to kill this brat three times before letting him go?"

"The city lord's personality has always been very contrary. She is temperamental, and I've heard that it has something to do with the books she's reading. She seems to be easily influenced by the stories in the books."

"Sometimes gentle, sometimes brutal... I find this personality type very attractive."

"Attractive?" "She is an ace talent of the Ji Clan. Do you think you can hold a candle to her?"

This battle had just begun, and many warriors were also taking advantage of this opportunity to discuss it in whispers.

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