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   Chapter 1545 The Falling Snow (Part Two)

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He could be resurrected if he lost his life, but if Zen took his Illusion Points, then what he would face was probably the young master's harsh punishment!

For this reason, the moment Norton was sent flying backward, a golden pill abruptly appeared in his hand!

But before his palm could touch the golden pill, he heard a sneer!

With his quick-thinking, coupled with his agile movement, Zen had managed to get close to Norton. He had anticipated that Norton would put the golden pill in to use. But Norton's sudden attempt to smash it turned futile as a sudden streak of blue light flashed!

Shock engulfed him as Norton felt a numbing dull ache at his right hand!

His hand had been cut off in an instant by Zen's Thunder Wind Divine Sword as Zen flew high into the air with the golden pill in his hand.

Zen's movements were neat and swift. His body flashed as he snatched the golden pill out of Norton's severed hand. Then with a tumble, his knee was pressed against Norton's chest, while he aimed the edge of his sword at him.

"My young master won't..."


Zen didn't let Norton finish his words. If they stayed somewhere else, he would have listened to what he was about to say.

This city was mysteriously strange in an odd way. And he was kind of afraid that the Illusion Points would suddenly fly away. Thus he thought he should kill Norton first. He just intended to get Norton's Illusion Points, not wanting them to take off in the air.

Until now, Zen still couldn't fathom why the Illusion Points would automatically fly out after the warrior in the blue clothes died.

And as soon as Norton died, be

a supreme treasure, since its power was so terrifying. Fortunately, this was good for one-time use! Still, if a warrior released the golden pill in the face of an enemy, it would have a miraculous effect!

But this golden pill needed to be crushed before it could be activated. Could it be that this golden pill could only be used to commit suicide?

While he was keen at observing the golden pellet, Zen suddenly felt that it was heating up. He could tell that there was a formidable power surging within. Sensing that it would explode, he almost reflexively tossed the golden pellet far away!


After the golden pellet hovered over one hundred feet in the air, a dense mass of blood-red lightning was emitted from it!

Zen was stunned by encountering this scene. If it weren't for his quick reaction, he probably would've been caught up in the lightning as well!

Zen felt a chill coming from behind him. When he turned his head, he saw a woman. She was dressed in purple clothes, and slowly making her way towards him, with snow falling silently and trailing behind her.

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