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   Chapter 1544 The Falling Snow (Part One)

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The golden hammer shadows in front of Zen belonged to a mysterious hammer technique with thousands of years of history behind it.

As the moments passed by, more and more golden hammer shadows appeared out of nowhere, making it impossible for anyone to tell if they were real or fake. It was, without a doubt, not an easy feat to break them.

Hopeless as it might seem, Zen had no intention of breaking through them. He was more inclined to employing the brute force to fight back. And that was the most efficient method rather than taking a sneaky way out.

It was widely-known that Norton's strength was extraordinary. Everyone presumed that no warriors sharing the same level as him could match up to him just with brute force. Even for the city lord herself that Norton had served for years, she was certainly stronger than Norton, but her brute strength was not up to par with that of him. Therefore, to fight Norton in this way only meant giving in to a resounding defeat!

Zen, on the other hand, would not be put at a disadvantage, since he had the power of dragon scales and the divine weapon body. Even a powerful warrior, who had a much higher cultivation level than him, would be in a vulnerable state, let alone those warriors who were also at the same level as him.

These strapping attributes of Norton made Zen not to retreat a single step. Instead, he shifted towards Norton.

"You have some nerve! I'll kill you in an instant!"

Norton growled under his breath as he watched Zen rushing towards him instead of running away. Bracing himself, he then poured all his strength into his arms. Moments after, the Soul Sea in his body began to stir up monstrous waves as his immense power spread out, ready for a kill. He was like a god of strength, summoning all the golde

's chest, another loud sound rang out!

Zen's gaze flickered when he heard this sound, but he secretly sighed in his heart, noting that Norton had a precious treasure to defend himself!

A defensive treasure that could support the power of ten thousand dragon scales was at least a first-rank divine weapon. However, even if a precious treasure protected his chest, Norton would still be heavily injured, and that was inevitable. The precious treasure could only mitigate the injuries he would sustain. Unless it was a supreme divine weapon, it could not completely defend him against the attack.

Zen was more worried about Norton possessing a golden pill. It was clear as day that all his previous undertakings would go down the drain if Norton happened to attempt to squish a golden pill and kill himself.

Norton was thrown backward by the compelling brute force. He knew he was seriously injured as he could feel the immense pressure still lingering in his internal organs. It also shook his inner world, causing his Soul Sea to collapse!

At this point, Norton wasn't thinking about protecting his own life, but he was in dire need of keeping his young master's Illusion Points!

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