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   Chapter 1543 Norton

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She was pretty comfortable in her chair, feet propped up by a small stool as she read the silk book with relish. It was the latest novel of a popular series that she religiously followed.

To say that she was a fan of popular novels was an understatement. As a Soul Sea Realm warrior, memorizing and retaining all the information in this silk book was very simple. All she would need to do was to use her full perception to engrave the words in her mind.

But where was the fun in that? That was hardly a pleasurable way of reading.

No, to make sure that she truly grasped the plot and fell in love with the characters, she needed to read these novels word for word. There was just this thrill of suspense in everyone's slowly unfolding fates page by page.

Just as she was about to get to the good part, a large mass of yellow Illusion Points flew into her room and towards her.

The woman frowned as she absorbed the Illusion Points, "What happened?"

she muttered in annoyance. It greatly displeased her to be disturbed at the most intriguing part of the story.

"Who killed my man?! You will regret it!"

She carefully folded the corner of the page, marking the part where she left off before carefully packing it into her Sumeru Space.

She then quickly left the comfort of her chair and headed outside. It was cold but her small, dainty footprints left a rather enchanting sight on the white powdery snow.

Meanwhile, Zen was quickly advancing along the city walls.

He was right. The city lord did have more than one subordinate.

All in all, she had a total of eight people who helped her collect Illusion Points at each city entrance.

These eight people had been her personal bodyguards in the outside world.

It was only natural that they remained her subordinates here. These eight guards were perfectly willing to hand over their accumulated points to her here in the Illusion Battlefield.

These warriors had a less than amicable reputation in the city. They were nicknamed 'butchers' due to their cruelty and often questionable methods of collecting Illusion Points from other warriors.

Zen's speed meant it only took him a few minutes to reach the other side of the main city.

There was a tall human warrior that stood in front of the city gate. He had an air of intimidation to him especially with the forbidding golden hammers he held in each hand.

The warrior opened his mouth and projected his clear, loud voice, "Stand still! If you all cooperate then I'll be able to finish you with just one slam of my hammer. You won't feel any pain and the next thing you'll know, you've already been resurrected back in the city."

There was a line of warriors in front of him getting ready to give half of their accumulated Illusion P

like a man!" Norton roared with blind fury.

Clang! There was another loud ringing sound as Norton smashed his hammers together and released powerful waves in the air.

As he did this, he quickly charged towards Zen by moving his sturdy legs in a rather mysterious manner.

As he charged, Norton waved his arms like crazy and formed numerous hammer shadows that served to protect him.

His movements were so fast and erratic that not even Zen was able to see through him.

It was reminiscent of a mad bull that thought of nothing but death and destruction as he blasted through everything and everyone.

Such display of fierceness quickly caught the attention of the other warriors who were initially waiting in line. Norton's hammers were intimidating but not so much when it wasn't being directed at them.

"Oh man, that dude's going to get it. Norton's attacks can't be dodged!"

"Norton's hammers will probably scare the shit out of him. Those things are enough to smash him into meat paste."

"You know I heard something interesting. Once, when he got angry with the city lord, Norton smashed his hammers onto the walls and shook the entire city!"

Of course, this was a gross exaggeration.

All the main cities in the Illusion Battlefield were created by the heavens and were an incarnation of heavens' rules. It was impossible to shake their walls.

Still, it was a nice embellishment to the tales of Norton's great strength.

However, Zen remained calm and collected, just as always. This strong opponent was only one of the many other strong opponents he had faced in his lifetime. The young man stood still on his spot but his power was currently circulating through his body and surging towards his arms. He looked up and locked gazes with an approaching Norton and his protective hammer shadows, ready for a fight!

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