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   Chapter 1542 A Girl In A Purple Dress

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The blue-robed warrior's jaw dropped in shock at the scene in front of him.

His right hand made the sign of the cross when he felt the explosive power behind him. Then three swords flew out of his space ring.

Each sword that flew out was a different color. One was gold, then silver, and lastly, bronze.

The surfaces of their blades were engraved with beautiful lines, which made their appearances more eye-catching.

The city lord, who was also the young master of Ji Clan, had given him the black sword, which Zen had twisted and broken. These three metal-colored swords, on the other hand, were his usual weapons. They had been with him for years and were connected to his soul.

A gust of wind blew sharply as the three swords flew and resonated with each other. Then, their blades began to rotate rapidly.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

As the three swords spun around the blue-robed warrior, they formed a tri-colored tornado.

"Three-sword Spinning Kill!"

The tornado sounded like a strong, howling wind. It was like a huge dragon that flew in the air, wanting to kill Zen.

However, Zen rushed straight ahead without any hesitation like the sharpest spear.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

There were loud, metallic clanging sounds as the three swords hidden within the tornado clashed against his body.

However scary it might seem, Zen didn't need protective armor since his physical body was like a first-rank divine weapon. Thus, his body wouldn't be hurt even if the swords were sharp.

The only thing that bothered him was his own clothes. All the strangling and killing had torn Zen's cyan cotton clothes into strips and shreds. Then again, this wasn't the first time it happened to him. It was why he had to have new sets of clothes from time to time.

Zen passed through the tri-colored tornado by force and charged straight at the blue-robed warrior, his hands extended out like lightning.

When the blue-robed warrior saw that he wouldn't be able to escape, he somersaulted like a kite and flicked out a golden ball, which suddenly shattered.

"Do you really think you can have my Illusion Points? In your dreams! My Illusion Points are all collected for the city lord's sake! Hahaha!"

Meanwhile, Zen was simply confused at his words. He only needed to kill this man and get half of his Illusion Points. Why was he saying things like Zen couldn't get the Illusion Points?

His thoughts were disturbed when the golden ball the blue-robed warrior had crushed emitted a violent aura, which spread out in various directions.


Zen judged that the situation wasn't right, so he quickly retreated to the back.

He went back so fast that the distance between him and the blue-robed warrior was now over a hundred feet!

The golden ball shattered in just three seconds, and then strands of hair-like blood red lightning exploded from within it.

The stran

ike were not popular among the warriors. However, all kinds of novels were popular.

The reason behind it was still Zen.

Although many warriors were annoyed when he had told stories to the mysterious woman with his Roaring Token, some still listened and became interested.

However, Zen still had to cultivate so he had little time to tell stories. Besides, he told stories because of the mysterious woman. The other warriors would gather and listen to the stories when the mysterious woman came out of seclusion; but when she hid, Zen wouldn't tell any tales at all.

There were many warriors in the universe, but even more mortals, who were more culturally inclined than the warriors.

The warriors soon found that spending a life vitality crystal was enough to buy countless novels. They could even hire hundreds of storytellers to tell stories every day. It had become the most fashionable thing among them in the last few years.

Because of this, the status of some mortals rose greatly. For example, a storyteller emerged in a small city under the command of a sixth-grade sacred place of the Thoughtless Minds.

All the stories he told were written by himself. He was very good at his storytelling, whatever his mood or demeanor was. A warrior in the sacred place admired him, so his status rose bit by bit when he was introduced. It was even said that he caused two sacred places to fight over him.

Later on, a warrior even gave the storyteller a pill, which gave him an extra few hundred years of lifespan. This was already very shocking among mortals as even some of the small countries' kings would not receive such treatment.

But all in all, the elevated status of the scholars was all thanks to one person, and that was Zen.

If it weren't for the fact that he used the Roaring Token to tell the mysterious woman stories and caught the interest of some warriors, there wouldn't be such a trend.

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