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   Chapter 1541 Pay The Illusion Points

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"He's not the city lord?" Zen asked in confusion.

"Our city lord does not need to kill warriors to accumulate Illusion Points," the warrior explained. "This particular warrior is the city lord's subordinate. He helps the city lord obtain the Illusion Points, and then hands them over to the city lord."

Naturally, the "handing them over" could only be achieved by the city lord killing the subordinate.

This meant that the city lord had no need to personally kill the numerous warriors in the city to harvest Illusion Points. Instead, the city lord had this subordinate kill them, and then killed the subordinate to obtain the Illusion Points.

As Zen realized this, he smiled ruefully. He actually felt a trace of admiration for the city lord.

The city lord was only a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. However, in such a short time, he or she had established a set of rules in the Illusion Space and was able to implement them layer by layer. Whoever this person was, he or she was obviously a talented person.

"Next batch!"

The blue-robed warrior brandished his black sword. His sharp, hawk-like gaze swept across the area as he calculated his next move.

"Move!" urged the warrior who had brought Zen here. "Once you pay half of your Illusion Points, they won't make things difficult for you again."

About seven or eight warriors flanked both sides of the city gates, all clearly very self-conscious. They walked toward the blue-robed warrior and let him kill them one by one, giving away half of their Illusion Points to him in the process.

Zen was a bit depressed as he followed the warriors.

His target was the city lord, not the blue-robed warrior in front of him.

By doing this, the city lord must have accumulated a large number of Illusion Points. If Zen were to kill the city lord, he could obtain half of those Illusion Points as well, which was the most economical way to do it.

However, he had not expected the city lord to avoid coming here personally. Instead, the city lord had sent over this particular subordinate.

The blue-robed warrior glanced knowingly at the warriors. His eyes then fell on Zen. He could faintly feel the hidden aura in Zen.

However, he did not take it seriously. No one in this city dared disobey the city lord, unless they planned to stay in the city forever.

Surprisingly, such warriors really existed. Some people could not bear to have such a method used against them, but they could not fight the system. Thus, they stayed in the city and cursed at the city lord and his or her subordinates at every opportunity.

But what was the use of it?

Fighters relied on strength, not their tongues.

"Stand well," the blue-robed warrior said coldly. He waved the black sword in his hand in a circle and once again felt an uncomfortable feeling rise in his heart. His eyes met Zen once again, and he asked, "What is your name? Which force are you from?"

"I've already been registered," Zen re

were wide like saucers, a hint of fear in them.

He had followed his young master for years and encountered many capable warriors. He had also heard of the various talents from the Thoughtless Minds.

However, Zen was able to catch his black sword with just one hand while remaining unscathed. He had surpassed the scope of other talents. He was, quite simply, a freak of nature!

On the city wall, the other warriors witnessed this scene in silence.

Truthfully, they were happy to see what happened. Some of them had no choice but to serve the city lord. They had paid up their Illusion Points to him or her, however unwilling they might be. Their dignity did not allow them to accept these rules, but they were powerless against the Ji Clan.

Zen's display of power had helped them vent their anger, and from the looks of it, it was going to be a good show.

"I said you could only take my Illusion Points in your dreams." Zen smiled as he held the black sword between his fingers and squeezed it forcefully.


A crisp sound rang out as Zen broke the black sword into two pieces.

The blue-robed warrior took a deep breath. The black sword had been a secondary first-rank divine weapon and had been given to him by the city lord.

The loss of a weapon in the Illusion Battlefield did not mean that his weapon had disintegrated in the real world as well. However, the warrior still felt a faint sense of foreboding when Zen broke the secondary first-rank divine weapon so effortlessly.


The blue-robed warrior already had a plan in mind. He decided to steer clear of Zen for some time and rushed to the city gates.

"Wait up! You think you can get away with this after wanting to kill me? You can leave, but you still have to give me the Illusion Points!"

Zen said with a smile. How could he let this fat sheep escape?

The warrior's Illusion Points could not be compared to the city lord's, but they were certainly not little in number.

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