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   Chapter 1540 The City Lord (Part Two)

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"Why do you have to know these things?" Zen asked.

"Answer my questions!" The warrior now stared coldly at Zen.

The corner of Zen's mouth twitched into a faint smile when he saw the warrior's stern face. The "city lord" must have a strong background since he had so many warriors to serve him; otherwise, there wouldn't have been so many people following him.

After all, everyone was of equal status in the Illusion Battlefield. This reminded Zen of Ezra, whom Zen assumed must also have a strong background among the ogre race. However, Ezra had only managed to trick a small number of ogre warriors to serve him in the beginning. When many of the ogre warriors realized what was really going on, no one had followed his orders.

The reason why this "city lord" had such a rallying power could only be due to his status outside of the Illusion Battlefield!

"The Humanity Alliance, Spirit Reading World, Spiritual Force Sacred Place," Zen replied mechanically.

Hearing Zen's words, the warrior lightly sized him up, then he called another martial artist and said, "Okay, follow him to the outside of the city. After you've paid your Illusion Points, you can leave!"

Zen's face was expressionless as he followed the other warrior to the north gate of the main city.

When he arrived at the edge of the city, Zen finally understood why the first warrior had warned him that there would be no chance for him to leave this city without permission!

On the walls of the main city, at every hundred feet, stood a Soul Sea Realm warrior who was like an iron tower. These warriors were wearing black armors and wielded light golden sabers in their hands. They looked as solemn and unforg

s in narrow slits. He had been gathering energy for a long time, and now that he activated the black sword in his hand with that energy, he could use it like it was an extension of his body.

The radiance on the sword erupted. In the blink of an eye, the black long sword had slashed out!

"Puff, puff, puff…"

As blood splashed, seven or eight red dots of light wrapped around the souls of these martial artists and flew into the main city behind them where they would wait to be resurrected.

In addition, the yellow light dots of their Illusion Points burst forth from the ground. Because these martial artists had been slain by the blue-robed martial artist, these Illusion Points shot directly towards the blue-clothed martial artist!

'It certainly saves a lot of time in accumulating Illusion Points this way...' Zen thought. Following this line of logic, the number of Illusion Points which this guy had accumulated must definitely be quite significant. "Is he the city lord of this main city?" Zen asked immediately.

To his surprise, the warrior who was leading the way shook his head and said, "No, he's not."

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