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   Chapter 1539 The City Lord (Part One)

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However, in this main city, the nefarious deed of squeezing or nipping others' Illusion Points was done openly and systematically.

Someone had become the self-proclaimed city lord and more than that, the lord had ordered all the martial artists in the city to submit to his or her will and laws. In fact, handing in half of their Illusion Points was the same as getting killed once by the city lord. The self-proclaimed lord was so brazenly arrogant to demand that term to be met.

When the warrior saw Zen's outraged expression, he warned, "I advise you to obey and go register right away, otherwise you may not be able to leave this city ever again!"

"What do you mean 'unable to leave the city'?" Despite Zen's cold agitation, his interest was also piqued at the same time.

If this "city lord" had really been milking all of the warriors in the city for their valuable Illusion Points, then the number of Illusion Points that this individual had amassed must be huge indeed! Zen could only smile at the juicy target that this had created.

In confronting this "city lord", it would save Zen a lot of trouble to secure a prodigious amount of Illusion Points in one fell swoop. Zen's grin spread even further and he looked like a cat that stole the cream.

The warrior chuckled. "The city lord has already taken control of this city. If you do not register and hand over your Illusion Points, you will be an easy target for hordes of other warriors who will attack and kill once you leave the city! Under this situation, how do you expect to leave and survive?"

Zen's eyes flashed faintly. He did love a challenge! The situation the warrior had described was only for ordinary martial artists.

Since the main city was so big, even if he proved to be no match for the city lord

d in this city in the first place, but they had accidentally trespassed into the surrounding areas of this city while exploring the wilderness. As a result, they were killed by the many vicious legendary beasts which roamed in this region.

According to the rules of the Illusion Battlefield, if any warriors died in the wilds, they would be made to revive in the nearest main city. This main city was the closest to them, so after reviving, they would automatically enter this city… Entering this main city meant that they would have to be killed by the city lord again in order to leave here safely.

The reason why Zen was queuing here was not to hand over his Illusion Points. Illusion Points were so precious, how could he give them away to others so easily?

His target was the city lord of this main city!

After waiting for about five minutes in the long line, it was finally his turn.

"Name!" The warrior in charge of registrations called coldly.

"Thad Luo," Zen said faintly.

"Which force of the human race are you from? Which world? And which sacred place?" the warrior continued to ask, barely looking up at Zen as he began to scribble with a quill on a parchment.

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