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   Chapter 1538 Teleportation

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After activating the Teleportation Token, Zen entered a mystical space.

Countless red dots lay at his feet as he stood still in a daze.

According to his conjecture, this Teleportation Token could be used to help him execute the Grand Teleportation technique, allowing him to traverse millions of miles away instantly and move freely within this supreme world.

Never did he expect that after activating the Teleportation Token, he would be able to escape into such a wonderful space—it completely exceeded the scope of anyone's imagination.

"The red dots below should represent all the main cities of this supreme world… This is where I belong!"

The red dots below scattered until they were evenly distributed on the surface. Among them, one dot was cyan in color—not far from this dot was another main city.

This was where Zen arrived after entering the Illusion Space—never did he imagine that he would be assigned to the outskirts of the supreme world.

Just like the map indicated, the main city wasn't too far away from him.

Except this area, the other cities were still a rather long way from there.

Recklessly, Zen decided that if he relied on his flying speed to move forward, it would probably take him quite a bit of time to reach the neighboring main city.

"Can the Teleportation Token only be used as a map?"

If this token could mark the main cities but failed to teleport Zen away, then what was the point of Zen going through so much to obtain the token? The time and effort he put into it would have been for naught.

With that thought, Zen carefully fumbled with the token.

After a moment of drifting in this space, Zen headed straight for one of the red dots.

Just as he arrived at the top of the red dot, the one below him started spinning until a white light shot out from its center. It began spinning faster and faster while releasing an intense force of the Space Law.

"This is a transmission channel! Furthermore... This channel seems to connect directly to the main city that this dot signifies.

How interesting…

If that's the case, won't all the main cities be free to visit?"

Zen's heart pounded rapidly—if this was the case, he could easily loot all the main cities of the supreme world.

The space wasn't particularly large—it was only a few dozen miles wide. When Zen walked around in the space and passed a red dot, it would spread out, creating a teleportation channel, offering him a path to enter the main city. If he entered the passage, the transmission channel would disappear.

A supreme world had tens of thousands of main cities, meaning that Zen had seemingly limitle

sn't keen on bringing it out in front of anyone else. For now, he merely appeared in the city—he decided he would let the people guess for themselves.

"This is a city where human warriors gather."

After examining his surroundings, Zen came to such a conclusion. This main city had the same architectural style as the human race's, after all, and everyone around him seemed to be a human.

But whatever the race, it wasn't important to Zen. He chose to enter the city to challenge those fat sheep and obtain their Illusion Points.

With that thought, Zen left the central zone and prepared to try his luck outside the city.

But just as he was about to step outside, a warrior called to him, "Did you just arrive in this city?"

Hearing the question, Zen stopped in his steps to turn around and look the warrior in the eye. "Yes. What's wrong?"

"We have rules in this city. Visitors have to register and surrender half of their Illusion Points to the city lord in order to leave safely," the warrior explained, giving Zen a careful look.

"City lord? We are in the Illusion Battlefield. How could there be a city lord? As for my Illusion Points, they're inseparable. How can I just hand them over to the city lord?" The fact rather surprised Zen.

"I'm not sure if the other cities have city lords," the warrior replied. "But we do. As for the payment of points, it's simple. If you let the city lord kill you once, you'll easily be surrendering half."

Finally, Zen understood—he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at the ridiculous thought. The term 'city lord' still took him aback. It seemed likely that the city lord was someone like Ezra, who relied on his influence and power to squeeze out points from others, more deserving warriors.

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