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   Chapter 1537 Getting The Illusion Points Effortlessly

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The sounds of metal weapons clanking against each other were heard. The ground shook as about seven ogre martial artists fought against three Celestial Mice.

Zen had killed three Celestial Mice when he had entered the cave before, but three more had appeared after.

While Zen had discovered the cave a bit earlier, other martial artists came across it as well.

A martial artist had probably first discovered the cave, but couldn't defeat the Celestial Mice. Thus, he returned to the main city and asked his companions for help.

There were currently about seven surviving martial artists left, who all saw the Illusion Points on the ground condense into balls and float in the air. Then, the corpses of the dead martial artists gradually disappeared.

Zen counted the Illusion Points that turned into balls of light and estimated that there were more than ten of them. He reckoned that the Celestial Mice had killed more than ten martial artists who had been sent back to the main city to be resurrected.

It was known that martial artists who killed other martial artists could absorb their fallen opponents' Illusion Points for themselves.

However, the Celestial Mice didn't absorb Illusion Points. The martial artists released half their Illusion Points after they died, so the points in front of Zen didn't have an owner now.

He could get these points effortlessly. There was no way he was letting them go!

He moved towards the first ball of Illusion Points in a flash. He lightly touched them, and then his body easily absorbed the yellow Illusion Points.

Meanwhile, the seven ogre martial artists saw what Zen did.

"How dare you!" "You're courting death!"

"If you dare to absorb the Illusion Points of our brothers, we will chase you all the way to the ends of the earth!"

Their loud and furious shouts resonated throughout the wilderness, but they were still busy dealing with the three Celestial mice.

The three Celestial Mice were still moving at a weird speed. They used their sharp front teeth to bite the ogres' bodies from time to time. Their teeth which could gnaw through the ogres' armor could be used as divine weapons. Although the ogres had thick and rough skins, they had gotten deep wounds which even revealed some of their bones.

These ogres knew that treasures were hidden in the cave. However, they had to join forces since the Celestial Mice were just too strong.

The sky turned a tad darker, and more than ten martial artists had been killed by now.

Luckily, the Celestial Mice didn't absorb the Illusion Points. The dead martial artists were sent back to the main city by force. Then, they could just rush back to the cave and absorb their Illusion Points after they were revived.

umerous Illusion Points.

The Illusion Points floated in the air for a moment before they finally flew towards Zen's body.

The six ogre martial artists got to make it until the end. They were much stronger than their clansmen who had been killed before, so they had more Illusion Points. Each of them had 10, 000 Illusion Points on average.

Combined with the three Celestial Mice's Illusion Points, Zen's Illusion Points had now been restored to 130, 000.

"I'm pretty lucky," Zen said with a small smile as he floated gently and gazed into the distance.

This supreme world contained countless main cities, and the Illusion Battlefield was divided into fifty supreme worlds. Now that he possessed the Teleportation Token, he no longer needed to return to that main city. Now was the time for him to frantically plunder the Illusion Points.

However, he still had to make sure if the Teleportation Token was effective as he expected it to be.

With that in mind, he took out the Teleportation Token that was forged from white jade. He then extracted a trace of chaotic energy from the chaotic sea and injected it into the token.

The Teleportation Token released a faint white light the moment it was activated, which was then extinguished.

A crease formed between Zen's brow at the strange scene.

"The Teleportation Token… Is it useless?"

However, the Teleportation Token in his hand suddenly began to tremble violently within the next second.

A powerful force was transmitted from within the Teleportation Token, and then Zen was quickly wrapped in the blazing white light. It was so bright that it was as if a small sun had risen from the wilderness.

After quite a long while, the incandescent ball of white light dissipated.

It was gone in a flash, and it took Zen with it from where he stood.

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