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   Chapter 1536 Teleportation Token

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The giant golden Buddha could've just let Zen go.

However, he was too curious about him to do that.

This young man had relied on his own strength and went past all the eighteen arhats. This was someone who was worth attention.

Once Soul Sea Realm warriors opened up their Soul Seas, their life vitality would liquefy, turn into seawater, and get stored in their inner worlds.

This way, a Soul Sea Realm warrior would be able to store huge, but still limited, life vitality in their bodies.

The size of a warrior's Soul Sea was limited.

The golden Buddha had previously deduced that Zen would only be able to use the Gods-intimidating Strike twice, at most.

One strike would've already consumed more than half of his life vitality.

A second one would dry up his entire Soul Sea.

Despite being more talented than other people, Zen's Soul Sea still wouldn't be limitless. His capacity was just naturally limited.

Not even a second Soul Sea would help him. In fact, it would only add one measly sword strike to his limit.

This would mean a total of three strikes. It was worth noting that, in this universe, anyone who could summon the Gods-intimidating Strike four times would already be considered as one of the most powerful figures amongst the major forces.

Of course, Zen was someone who continuously defied conventional expectations. He hadn't used two, or three, not even four strikes. Zen Luo stood there calmly and released seventeen sword strikes against his enemies.

To say that the golden Buddha was shocked was an understatement.

There was just no way! This young man had just done the impossible. Did he perhaps have a treasure that could instantly replenish the life vitality in his body? Maybe he practiced some sort of magical skill that enabled him to constantly extract life vitality from somewhere? But if he had done so, the golden Buddha would've surely noticed.

Curious about how this young man managed to do this, the golden Buddha quickly activated the golden light hidden within the four arhats.

The golden Buddha wasn't the first to doubt Zen like this. Gus, whom the young man had run into a few years ago, also had the same reservations.

The only reason why Gus was able to go beyond his doubts was because of his faith in his master and the rigorous conditions his master required in accepting a disciple.

Zen's chaotic sea, which was incomparable to the sea of life vitality, was thus quickly noticed by Gus.

The golden Buddha was perfectly aware of the existence of chaotic energy. It could be considered the energy of origin for all living beings, though, at the same time, it was also the energy of death. Chaotic energy was poison for all living things and anyone, except perhaps a great avatar, would die with a single touch.

Thus it never entered the Buddh

asts or teleportation. It was through teleportation that the Supreme Lords were able to get to the fairy palace back then.

"With this Teleportation Token, can I teleport myself across the universe?"

Zen had spent 300, 000 Illusion Points in entering this cave so it was only natural that he had high hopes.

Fortunately, he thought the Teleportation Token he got was an equal exchange for the loss of so many Illusion Points.

This was something that could solve an annoying problem he currently faced.

The Illusion Battlefield Zen was in was divided into fifty supreme worlds.

If he did not want to use a passageway, then crossing a supreme world was going to be very time-consuming and exhausting for him.

However, this Teleportation Token changed things. With this, he would now be able to travel back and forth the supreme worlds with little effort.

This thought made him very excited.

Zen quickly grabbed the token and took another look at the ancient temple's depths.

He could feel the presence of a number of powerful individuals within the inner court but he knew it was not in his authority to pry.

After placing the token in the Sumeru Space, Zen quickly turned his heel and left.

As soon as he stepped out, he was suddenly transported back to the outer courtyard where the little six-winged worm flickered into existence once again, as if waiting for him.

Zen couldn't help but notice the smile that had replaced the worm's earlier vicious glare.

He followed it on the path towards the entrance. The spinning lights were still there but Zen now found himself walking at ease which was a huge difference to how tense he was when he had first entered.

Just as he reached the entrance, he heard a loud noise and a bit of a scuffle. From his position, he saw numerous Illusion Points at the mouth of the cave and the corpses of several warriors.

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