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   Chapter 1535 Past Solemn Kalpa

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The golden light of the four Taming Dragon Arhats had been annihilated by the starlight.

But with the interference of the giant golden Buddha, the light within their bodies grew even more resplendent. The stone statues that had been shattered previously merged together within seconds, returning to their original states.

The starlight that dispersed throughout the adytum dimmed gradually.

Zen's figure emerged from the shadows. When he looked at the four unharmed Taming Dragon Arhats, his face revealed a look of surprise and the expression on his face turned cold.

He was stunned at how strong the four statues of the Taming Dragon Arhats were.

This was the first time that Zen had used the Multiple Stars Brilliance, but he had no doubt about its enormous destructive power. It was the most explosive move in the Stellar Body.

Such a strong attack was still unable to defeat the four Taming Dragon Arhats. What happened confused Zen. He had not predicted this.

He had encountered all eighteen types of arhats in succession in the adytums. The strength of the arhats increased ever so slightly as he passed through the adytums one by one, but that difference was not very noteworthy.

The Taming Dragon Arhats resided in the last adytum. It was not a surprise that they were stronger.

So far, Zen's methods had failed to destroy the four arhats. This meant trouble for him.

What he did not know was that the arhats had returned to their original state only because someone had intervened in secret.

The four Taming Dragon Arhats did not stop moving as the dragon scales of the Genuine Dragons on their shoulders quivered and shone. Once again they charged toward Zen from four different directions.

If it had been any other martial artist facing the arhats, he would have perhaps lost all hope in such a situation.

However, to Zen, the trouble before him was just a trouble that he had to tackle.

Facing the four arhats coming at him, Zen's face was inscrutable. Once again, he raised the Thunder Wind Divine Sword high in the air. The long and narrow sword had been hanging at his side. A faint sword intent lingered around the sword blade, curled like a venomous snake. It then spread forward in the air.

Zen's gaze was cold as he looked at the arhats. It was as if he had become an expressionless statue at this moment.

Just as he raised the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, something flickered in the eyes of the giant Buddha who was residing in the depths of the ancient temple.

"As I expected, the boy cultivates the Emotion Closing Godly Way... Although his cultivation is not yet complete, he has reached his limits for he has comprehended this cold and cruel sword intent at his Soul Sea Realm cultivation. If he can finish the last bit of the Emotion Closing Godly Way and comprehend the

was abnormally forceful. It could heal the wounds of the arhats right away.

The golden light, in fact, was a power that came from the Buddhist scripture, 'Past Solemn Kalpa'!

Buddha's heart held onto the past. Therefore, after going through the tribulation of life and death, it was restored to its original state.

The golden light was what caused the statues of the Taming Dragon Arhats to return to the state they had been in before being hacked to pieces.

However, the stone statue was still just a statue, after all. The golden light was not infinite. As Zen attacked it repeatedly, the golden light seemed to lose its vigor.

"If you still wish to recover, I will turn you all into dust!"

Zen's emotionless voice rang in the air as he brandished the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his hand, breaking the rocks to even smaller pieces!

As the light flickered and grew weak, Zen knew that this battle was about to come to an end.

Just as this hope emerged in him, the golden light in the rubble suddenly brightened. It was now ten times more luminous than the light from before.

At the same time, the broken pieces of stones vibrated strenuously, as if about to stick together once again.


Zen realized that something was wrong.

The golden light had clearly gone pale moments before. How did it get so brilliant all of a sudden?

The sword in his hand did not stop. Zen looked ahead into the depths of this ancient temple and sensed that something was amiss. Had someone intervened in the fight just now?

A thought rose in the mind of the golden giant Buddha. His Buddhist heart had already reached the Mahayana stage. However, as he saw Zen display such a frosty sword move so casually, he pondered on it in silence.

The young boy at the Soul Sea Realm seemed to execute the martial skill without using his life vitality. How was it possible?

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