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   Chapter 1534 Multiple Stars Brilliance

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Zen did not dare to underestimate these four Taming Dragon Arhats.

The power of the dragon scales had reached a terrifying level. An ordinary Soul Sea Realm warrior would have been torn into pieces if he was hit by that powerfully infused palm!

Though Zen was leaning against the wall, his heart was filled to the brim with a competitive spirit!

Both of them possessed the power of the dragon scales, but he wanted to see just who had the strongest power!

The Genuine Dragon on the Taming Dragon Arhat's shoulder was very remarkable indeed. It was a pity that Zen was in the Illusion Battlefield, for although he could use the power of his dragon scales, he could not let the cyan dragon's soul project inside. In the Illusion Battlefield he was unable to communicate with the cyan dragon, and in the same way, he could use the sword spirit, but he was also unable to communicate with Lavender. Even if he summoned the sword spirit, Lavender's soul was not within it. Zen was fighting on his own in here, and could not consult with either the cyan dragon or Lavender, upon whose counsel he had come to rely greatly.

As he thought of this, Zen did not hesitate further. The nearest Taming Dragon Arhat was already rushing towards him, and as the Arhat clapped its hands, the Genuine Dragon on its shoulder began to shine with a green light, and the power of dragon scales poured into the arhat statue!

As Zen weaved his hands, the power of the dragon scales also surged into his body. Without the slightest intention of dodging, he also stretched out both of his palms, readying himself to face the charge.


In comparison, the Taming Dragon Arhat's two palms also stretched out, but were accompanied by the sound of the dragon's roar. The stone sculpture of the Genuine Dragon on the Arhat's shoulder also raised its head and roared, adding its voice to the charge. The momentum created seemed even more formidable.

In the blink of an eye, two sets of palms slammed into each other!


Accompanied by a loud booming rumble, Zen's body was once again cast backwards upon impact.

As Zen flew backwards, he felt that his blood was roiling and he also felt extremely uncomfortable. The power of the Taming Dragon Arhat was indeed extraordinary!

However, when Zen was sent flying, so was the Taming Dragon Arhat.

If the Taming Dragon Arhat had just been an ordinary Buddha statue, Zen would surely have smashed the Arhat into powder with the might of his palm strike.

But the Taming Dragon Arhat was several times stronger and fiercer than the previous sculptures that Zen had encountered. After all, the body of the Taming Dragon Arhat had to withstand the power of the dragon scales from the Genuine Dragon's statue. If the Arhat's body was not strong or firm enough, it might collapse before the formidable power was released into it.

Zen's previous physical body too could not bear much power of the dragon scales. If he had forcefully channeled the power of the dragon scales into his body, his physical body would have collapsed first.



Two loud echoes reverberated within the adytum.

The sounds had been cause

s. They looked weightless, but the power contained within them could not be underestimated.

The three hundred beams of starlight mixed together, with a great multitude of varying colors: crimson, orange, yellow, green, white, purple, blue, and red. Those gorgeous colors fused together and formed a motley rainbow of starlight, but as a result they were becoming extremely unstable!

After this multicolored mass of starlight had formed, Zen immediately shot it out. If he hesitated for even three seconds, Zen would probably have been swept up in it too and been devoured by the might of this starlight!

"Multiple Stars Brilliance!"


A deafeningly sharp sound exploded from the multicolored starlight!

At this moment, the mass of starlight arrived in front of the four Taming Dragon Arhats.


This condensed mass of starlight contained the intense power of three hundred stars. When it erupted and exploded, the different kinds of power were repelled and fused with each other. The starlight emitted was extremely powerful and shocking!

The entire adytum was covered in the blinding starlight, making it impossible for anyone to clearly see the situation within!

However, the massive golden Buddha within the depths of the ancient temple opened his eyes and stared intently at the adytum, with an indifferent expression on his great, rounded face.

The golden Buddha saw that the four Taming Dragon Arhats were constantly shattering, and that the stone sculptures of the four Genuine Dragons on the Arhats' shoulders were also beginning to shatter... Even though the strands of golden light inside their bodies actively tried to repair their bodies, the light had immediately been destroyed by the starlight the moment it had appeared...

"The Taming Dragon Arhats cannot be killed. Help me test this guy. I want to see just how much of the Emotion Closing Godly Way he has mastered..."

After speaking, the golden giant Buddha waved the lotus in his left hand, and with a golden flash, the Taming Dragon Arhats, which were supposed to have been destroyed, had all recovered!

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