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   Chapter 1533 The Genuine Dragon

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This great Buddha was rather seemingly lost in thought for a moment.

In reality, Zen did not, in any way, utilized the Gods-intimidating Strike at the given circumstance, though after practicing the Gods-intimidating Strike for years, Zen had become proficient in that sword skill like it was a piece of cake. And with time, his heart gradually discarded a lot of intense emotions.

But in spite of everything, he couldn't afford still to sever or detach all of his emotions outright. Since this was the case, his execution of the Gods-intimidating Strike was nowhere to be perfect.

Even though he had never put to use the Gods-intimidating Strike for all these years, there was still a lingering trace of ruthlessness hidden within his sword attacks. This ruthlessness didn't escape the great Buddha's notice. And he even further realized that what Zen learned and practiced before was the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

Traces of chaotic energy were forcefully extracted out by Zen from the chaotic sea.

The strands of chaotic energy had transformed swiftly into lightning and wind blades that scattered freely in every direction. There were even Nether God Shadows that appeared among them.

Squarely confronting the four arhats for merely fifteen seconds, Zen was quick as he charged towards one of the Taming Tiger Arhats as the light in his eyes flickered.

The four arhats undoubtedly could take the lightning and wind blades from the Thunder Wind Divine Sword by carrying out violent and forceful palm counterattacks. However, having reached their limits now, they were on the verge of losing their edge. Their moves looked finely exquisite, but still, there were flaws discernible in one's naked eye.

Zen's eyes were too sharp to let their flaws go unnoticed. Taking advantage of this, he rushed closer to the arhat in no time.

He was rushing head-on as fast as lightning.

Zen had already positioned his palm fluidly flat on the arhat's chest long before the latter realized what was going on.


With Zen uttering the single word, a loud bang rang out as a distinct handprint appeared on the firm chest of the Taming Tiger Arhat. And within just seconds, the cracks, surrounding the handprint, quickly spread out covering the entire arhat's body.

Though Zen launched his attack a bit later than his opponents, his one powerful strike had defeated one of the arhats in a matter of split seconds. The wind blades smashed the arhat, and directly blew away the rubble.

After successfully shattering the arhat statue in front of him, Zen did not stop himself for a moment. His deft figure lightly spun around, and the long sword hanging by his side suddenly moved in up thrust motion, sweeping out a dazzling sword light in the air. He then surged towards another Taming Tiger Arhat next to him.


The blazing sword light instantly engulfed the Taming Tiger Arhat wholly.

The arhat had been throwing several powerful palm shadows towards Zen, but its movement froze midway. The moment Zen turned his back to dash towards the next arhat, fine thin cracks had appeared and also spread out instantly on the arhat's body, breaking it into smooth pieces.

"Pah! Pah!"

The remaining two Taming Tiger Arhat

as they struck out, aiming towards Zen's chest.

Zen engaged a sneak attack but failed. And he hadn't been able to counterattack in defense when the arhat managed to assault him in a short space of time!

"What a powerful strength!"

Zen quickly felt a sudden surge of overwhelming power gushing towards him.

His entire body was sent flying backward with a loud thud as his two feet plowed a jagged groove into the ground. Then, he heavily smashed into a wall before landing at last on the other side of the adytum.


When Zen collided with such a powerful force, the shock was so nasty and violently forceful!

In the Lower World, if he hit a mountain like this, not only it would collapse, but also the row of mountains behind it would crash down successively like a domino effect.

The walls of the adytum quite looked old and dilapidated. It was as if a strong gale could destroy this ruined ancient temple in one blow. But with that kind of force, the walls of the temple sustained resistance and not even budged at all when Zen's body slammed into it!

But still and all, here was the Illusion Battlefield.

The city walls here also looked ordinary, but even the most powerful warriors couldn't destroy them. There must be plausible explanations for this. But come to think of it, how could it be possible that the things constructed by the heavens would be so easy to destroy?

Zen wasn't in the mood to think about all this. His sole focus was on the Genuine Dragon on the arhat's shoulder!

Though part of the immense strength possessed by Zen was from Genuine Dragons as well, he had never thought that this arhat would be able to do the same.

At the time the arhat had struck out with its palms, the dragon scales on the Genuine Dragon also began to light up one by one, flashing with a jade-green luster.

This Genuine Dragon was only a stone sculpture, so Zen could still take it down even though its power was seemingly terrifying after it illuminated all of the scales on its body.

However, if it were a real dragon, then Zen would have been long smashed to ashes right after all the scales in its body turned ablaze.

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