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   Chapter 1532 Golden Buddha

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The four arhat statues held long sticks in their hands. One of the statues pointed, one stabbed, one hacked, and one swept. The coordination among the arhats was flawless.

They were not too speedy and their power not too shocking, but when Zen looked them over, he could not find any imperfections in them. The shadows of the sticks seemed to have sealed off all of Zen's escape routes.

"What exquisite stick techniques!"

However, even if there were no flaws, it did not mean that Zen failed to break through the stick attacks of the four arhat statues.

He took a step forward perfunctorily and his figure disappeared from where he stood, appearing behind one of the arhat statues in the next instant.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Even though Zen had teleported through space, three shadows of the sticks still followed him.

Facing these stick shadows, Zen seemed to be calm. His right hand moved like lightning and pressed on the arhat statue in front of him.


The arhat statue shattered, accompanied by the sound of debris disintegrating.

The moment the arhat statue broke, Zen leaped like a fish out of water. He took Sword Steps to avoid the three stick shadows, then he teleported through space again and appeared behind another arhat statue.

He hit this particular arhat statue like he had done to the other one.


The stick techniques of the four arhat statues were indeed marvelous and their teamwork flawless.

But anyhow, he was facing only four stone arhat statues. With Zen's tough physique, allowing these stick shadows to hit him could not cause him much damage.



Within moments, all the four statues were destroyed by Zen.

Now Zen's gaze landed on the entrance of the adytum. The instant the arhat statues shattered, the adytum's door opened by itself. There was no wind that assisted it.

"There is another adytum within the adytum?"

Zen was confused. Before he entered the ancient temple, he had observed that it was not large. However, now he could see another adytum inside the adytum. The size obviously exceeded Zen's calculations.

Despite his doubt, Zen did not hesitate and once again stepped into the new adytum.

Entering the second adytum, Zen looked around and found another group of four arhat statues.

"Another four statues..."

However, these four were slightly different from the previous group.

The four statues in the first adytum had been the Holding Staff Arhats. Their eyes were solemn and alert, and they had a spirit of eliminating devils.

But the arhat statues in the second adytum looked quite jolly. They celebrated with their hands held high. Zen glanced at them and found himself influenced by their aura. He felt much more relaxed.

"Happy Arhat..."

Many kinds of arhats existed in the world. Although Zen had never been to the Blessed Buddha Land before, he knew

h the four arhat statues, they were repelled by mysterious palm shadows.

"Come on!"

A glint flashed in Zen's eyes.

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword had been activated to its limit by Zen. Other than the Nether God Shadows, the wind blades were like blossoming lotuses. Each of the wind blades floated along with the wind like petals. However, these 'petals' contained a very powerful and destructive force.

There were also streaks of lightning that shot out. The release was slower than that of the wind blades, but they reached the arhats before the blades did and struck at the four Taming Tiger Arhats.

Crack! Swish! Swish!

All kinds of powers were being emitted within the adytum. Zen, who was in the middle of the powers, looked like the center of a typhoon. He still looked on calmly, no hint of panic in his stance. Not even the sleeves of his robes swayed in the chaos.

The four arhat statues deployed their hitting method to the extreme. Every single one of the Taming Tiger Arhats brandished the power in their palms. As one palm print swung out, a faint image of a fierce tiger pounced out. In an instant, three to four hundred palm prints were launched. The four Taming Tiger Arhats all waved their palms at the same time, as if a thousand fierce tigers were circling and roaring around Zen!

The shadows of the ferocious tigers slowly nullified the momentum launched by Zen's sword. The two sides had come to a deadlock.

At this moment, deep within the ancient temple, a massive golden Buddha opened its eyes.

The golden Buddha held a sword in one hand and a lotus in the other. His face was calm and imposing. He was indifferent when he felt Zen's sword aura.

"In this grand era, another young fellow who cultivates the Emotion Closing Godly Way has come. The Emotion Closing Godly Way has been sealed for over a hundred grand eras. How has it suddenly appeared a number of times in a row?"

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