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   Chapter 1530 Deduction On Illusion Points

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The sound of doubtful whispers and chatters filled the area.

It was because Zen was a cultivator from the Mist Palace.

It would be acceptable if it was any other warrior. After all, warriors who had entered the top five million rankings were already considered as outstanding individuals in the whole universe.

However, Zen had already set so many frightening records before that. Even the sword attack he had left in the Sword Practicing Hall still sat firmly at the top of the list, and shocked almost all the martial artists who entered the Sword Practicing Hall!

Thus, the people were quite disappointed to know that such a man was still in the three million, nine hundred thousandth place in the rankings.

It was even better if they didn't see his rank in the list instead.

There were Illusion Spaces in many places in the universe, and they were also in almost every sacred place. Zen was famous for tricking and killing Supreme Lords and occasionally telling stories through the Roaring Token, so it was natural for many people to look for his name.

In addition, many more had also discovered his existence when he entered the top five million rankings.

"Tsk, Zen is only so-so. The Illusion Battlefield has been opened for so long, but he is only ranked among top four million..."

"I told you. This Zen is just lucky that he got that strange fairy palace. His own strength is not worth mentioning! How can he compete with the talents from the one hundred thousand supreme worlds?"

"If he's weaker than the others, he shouldn't enter the Illusion Battlefield and embarrass himself!"

"I heard that Zen got trapped in the fairy palace because he had killed four Supreme Lords. That is equivalent to a capital offence. Maybe he is also looking for a breakthrough in his cultivation to deal with that problem!"


There were countless living beings in the universe, so many of them had still recognized Zen among the five million ranked names despite many creatures didn't know him well. But soon enough, Zen's ranking had spread throughout the universe.

The ones who received the most attention were usually those who ranked in the top 100. However, Zen was an exception.

Meanwhile, Zen himself floated about outside the main city.

Many warriors in the main city got intimidated of him after he had killed Layne.

Everyone there clearly knew how powerful Layne was. The majority of them couldn't even withstand a single attack from him. Yet, this human martial artist named Zen had killed Layne three times--like he was a monster.

With Zen's display of his unfathomable strength, no warrior in the city was willing to surrender the Illusion Points they had painstakingly accumulated themselves.

It wasn't that there weren't any martial artists who challenged

e isn't small either. One kill is worth a thousand Illusion Points, and I can get another 3, 000 Illusion Points every time I kill them… A strong person can repeatedly kill the Celestial Mice here, ' Zen thought.

Although it was a relatively safe method to acquire Illusion Points, many Soul Sea Realm warriors still found it tough to kill a Celestial Mouse, so that they would rather kill warriors outside the city.

While Zen thought that their method of accumulating Illusion Points was a bit stupid, yet the speed at which he was accumulating the points wasn't too fast either.

'I'll enter the cave first. There must be something important inside since the Illusion Battlefield arranged them!'

With that in mind, Zen didn't hesitate any longer and he charged towards the three Celestial Mice in a flash.

Since he had some experience before, dealing with the Celestial Mice now would be much easier.

He used the Eight Smoky Melodies and the Thunderbolt Annihilation and lured the Celestial Mice into the thunder, then used the Heavenly Tribulation to kill them.

After the 3, 000 Illusion Points entered his body, he headed straight for the cave.

Just as he approached the cave, a beam of light blocked his path and a thought spoke in his mind.

"Entering Evil Wind Cave requires 300, 000 Illusion Points."

Zen nodded his head indifferently when he heard those words. "Alright," he said as he stared at the pitch black cave.


There was a strange pulling force from the cave, which then pulled out the yellow points of light from Zen's body. After that, all the yellow Illusion Points entered the beam of light.

Zen had lost 300, 000 Illusion Points in a blink of an eye.

Even if Zen had made this decision, he still felt his heart ache when he saw the numerous Illusion Points he'd worked so hard for quickly got taken away.

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