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   Chapter 1529 Killing Layne For The Third Time

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There were also some strong masters scattered among the warriors on the city wall, and some of them were even stronger than Layne.

Compared to the furious and excitable Layne, these masters were much calmer and more composed.

When Zen had killed Layne for the first time and had obtained his 140, 000 Illusion Points, there were also some strong warriors on the walls who couldn't resist the impulse and wanted to leave the city to immediately challenge Zen.

They were all constantly evaluating Zen's strength, and there were even a few ogre warriors among them who secretly negotiated with each other to attack Zen together, believing that a team effort might win the day.

However, they all felt in their warrior hearts that Zen was an unfathomable and formidable adversary, so they eventually gave up on this idea, choosing to wait instead.

When they saw that Layne had been killed by Zen for the second time, they all heaved a collective sigh of relief. Fortunately, they hadn't leaped into action to attack Zen just now. They also could see that Zen was in a state of extreme readiness and wanted to fight and kill them...

Since Zen had so easily dealt with Layne, his actual strength which remained hidden was likely much more than what they had seen. People always feared what they couldn't see or understand, and Zen was a mystery to them.

Zen was still floating in the air with a faint smile ghosting on his face. In the eyes of the many gathered warriors, his smile seemed even more unfathomable and mysterious.

Not long after, a figure dashed madly towards Zen from the city, howling as he went. It was Layne, who had been killed twice already by Zen!

Being killed twice by Zen was an unforgivable mistake in Layne's eyes. At this moment, Layne was in a blind rage, as indignation and outrage had uncontrollably consumed him!

This was also the main difference between a warrior from the Upper World and a warrior from the Lower World.

The resources and even the vitality between heaven and earth of the warriors from the Lower World were hardly comparable to those of warriors from the Upper World. So in order to escape from the great world and fly into the Upper World, the Lower World's warriors had to put in far more effort than warriors of the Upper World had to invest.

For example, the Soul Sea Realm warriors could be called masters in the Lower World. They were already considered the most powerful warriors in the great worlds. The amount of time they spent reaching the Soul Sea Realm was also countless times more than the amount of time the Upper World's warriors spent. This required a much more advanced level of dedication.

As for the talented ogre like Layne, he was born when the world of chaos had begun and he was able to cultivate countless times faster than warriors did in the past. His warrior spirit hadn't gone through the test of time, and he had also encountered very few dangers which would have molded and shaped his warrior spirit. Although his strength was far greater than that of those who had ascended from the Lower World, his mental state was inferior to that of the warriors who flew into the Upper World. He lacked the experience that they had earned the hard way.

Layne would, of course, not accept the fact that he had been defeated by Zen twic

Of course, Zen was much more remarkable than others, and merely describing him as excellent was obviously a bit inappropriate. The reason why he hadn't won a much higher ranking yet was simply because the speed at which he collected the Illusion Points had slowed down a bit...

At this moment, all the warriors of the Mist Palace were gathered in front of the pyramid, staring at the countless names from which the pyramid was formed.

"The one who retains first place is still Nathan Xuanyuan from the Thoughtless Minds!"

"Nathan Xuanyuan is the Godly Genius of the Thoughtless Minds! It's been said that he has relied on the great skill of Supreme Lord of Original Sin to swallow a Heavenly Fragment and has therefore successfully endured the great suffering in his heart caused by the internal momentum. He indeed has the strength to rank first!"

"Alas, our Mist Palace's warriors don't seem to have achieved great results, and none of them is outstanding! Up until now, not a single warrior has entered the top 10, 000! Layla is actually ranked around 110, 000th... I never thought that Javier's performance would be better than hers, but he's actually entered the top 80, 000!"

"Don't be so anxious. This is only the beginning. Zen has also not appeared yet, right?"

"Well, I haven't even found Zen's name so far!"

"I found Zen! He is ranked 3, 930, 000th! He has just entered into the top 5 million!" a warrior from the Mist Palace shouted in excitement.

When Yolande, who had been silent all this time, heard those words, her eyes suddenly lit up brightly.

Since the opening of the Illusion Battlefield, Zen had completely disappeared. Yolande had even suspected that Zen hadn't entered the Illusion Battlefield! Now that she had finally heard Zen's name for the first time, Yolande was greatly relieved.

She trusted Zen. As long as he entered the Illusion Battlefield, he would definitely strive to achieve a good result!

"He is only ranked 3, 930, 000th... What on earth is he trying to do?" someone grumbled in dissatisfaction. Regardless of the other fighters, Zen's performance was completely inconsistent with the great performance he had delivered in the Passing the Torch!

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