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   Chapter 1528 Kill Him Once Again

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To Layne, this was the greatest humiliation!

He had been killed by a human warrior using a simple technique. The anger in his heart continued to swell.

The reason why Zen could easily defeat Layne was that his strength was high. Layne, with his current cultivation base, was unable to stand tall against his might.

However, that did not mean that Layne would so easily lose to Zen!

Zen's body was strong and he had inborn divine strength, but these two aspects were not worth much in Layne's eyes.

Layne had more and better abilities. He had made many kills. Moreover, he had comprehended the profound mysteries of the Fire Law. Those were something that only belonged to him. To some extent, it could be said that he had comprehended that Law of Causality all by himself.

However, he was killed by the human warrior even before he could put his brilliance on display. To put it bluntly, he had been tricked by Zen.

How could Layne accept that?

He rushed out of the city in a hurry the moment he was revived.

Right now, what worried Layne the most was that Zen had hidden himself within the main city.

He had already made up his mind while waiting to be revived as a soul. No matter where Zen was hiding, Layne would hunt him down!

Unless Zen gave up on accumulating Illusion Points, Layne would follow him the entire way.

When Layne's hawk-like sharp gaze swept around as he stood on the city walls, he was slightly stunned by what he saw.

Not far away, Zen floated in the air. It seemed that after Layne was killed, Zen had not even moved an inch.

Zen too noticed Layne's stare. The corners of his mouth curled up as he smiled faintly at his opponent.

When Layne saw Zen's haughty smile, the flames of fury that had filled his chest poured into his head.

Without the slightest hesitation, Layne jumped up from the city wall. At the same time, the pair of purple flaming wings on his back soared. The wings extended over a distance of a thousand feet as they charged toward Zen.

Usually, Layne was a very vigilant warrior.

In the Ogre Flame World, the competition was fierce. Layne, as successor of the world lord, did not rely solely on his talent.

From the very beginning itself, Layne had regarded Zen as a 'sheep', so to speak. He assumed Zen to be a timid and run-of-the-mill warrior. But now, Layne had been defeated by the sheep!

It could be said that Zen had successfully infuriated Layne, causing him to lose his rationality.

When warriors went into a fit of rage, their strength would often increase or even exceed their limits.

Layne's next attack would co

, the warriors could not help but stare in astonishment.

"The Heavenly Tribulation is aimed at Layne?!"

"Could the Heavenly Tribulation have been pulled down by the human warrior?"

"How is this possible? I have never heard of such a thing before! Don't you know that the Heavenly Tribulation only happens when a warrior is about to break through his cultivation base? It's the wrath from the heavens!"

The Heavenly Tribulation was a punishment, because the heavens could not tolerate the warriors becoming more strong and powerful. So how could the heavens follow a human's order and activate the punishment?

The warriors present had never heard of such a cultivation method before, so they did not think that explanation was reasonable.

It was a mere coincidence.

Zen had been waiting on his spot and Layne just happened to come at him while the Heavenly Tribulation was about to descend and interrupt them.

How big of a coincidence!

After the Thunder Tribulation disappeared, Layne's figure also gradually faded away. A dot of red light once again flew back into the city. At the same time, dots of yellow light dissolved into Zen's body.

Previously, when Layne had been killed by Zen, Zen had obtained 140, 000 Illusion Points. Now, after killing him once again, Zen obtained another 70, 000 Illusion Points.

This meant that Zen had earned a total of 210, 000 Illusion Points just from Layne.

"I wonder if he will come again. 30, 000 Illusion Points is not a small number," Zen murmured airily.

As for the surrounding warriors, they trembled in their hearts as they looked at Zen's easy smile. Now, they were certain that the Heavenly Tribulation was most likely brought down by him. How did this human do it?

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