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   Chapter 1527 One Hundred And Forty Thousand

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Layne was again preparing to launch the same attack by spreading his wings and flying at Zen. He was hell-bent on destroying Zen.

To wantonly indulge in his brute strength and practice by using Zen as a target, this was a bit of a pleasure for Layne!

However, this time, Zen didn't appear to be evading Layne's attacks, but instead, he chose to face him head-on. His left hand twisted slightly, while his right hand was raised to one side!


As the martial artists saw this, their expressions became both awed and concerned. They exchanged curious looks and then turned back to the titanic battle which raged outside the city.

Ogre martial artists mostly focused on practicing body refining. Grappling was the most basic of martial arts. It could be classified as a basic fighting technique! How could such a technique beat the might which Layne wielded?

Was Zen counting on capturing Layne by using the grappling technique? Would Layne even fall for that?

More and more, they felt that there must be something wrong with Zen's head. Clearly, the sun had addled his brains!

Layne also laughed coldly as he flapped his wings slightly behind his back. His flying posture became even more elegant as he accumulated speed, and then launched himself to charge straight at Zen!

Although the strength that Zen had displayed couldn't even withstand a single blow, Layne's alertness hadn't decreased in the slightest.

He didn't believe that Zen had shown his true strength and skills!

But no matter what tricks this guy was playing, Layne always thought that Zen was under his control. Playing tricks under his absolute strength was meaningless.

"It's over!"

As he rushed towards Zen, the purple flame in his hand rapidly bloomed like a wildly growing flower!

But at this moment, Zen's right hand shot out like a bolt of lightning, and with a gentle squeeze of his hand, he snuffed out the purple flame in the blink of an eye.

Then, like a snake, his left hand grabbed onto Layne's arm. Having underestimated Zen's strength, Layne was dumbstruck as an unfathomable force now quietly appeared!


A clear shattering sound could be heard by all.

Zen had just broken Layne's arm using only one hand!

A hint of disbelief flashed across Layne's face as another ball of fire appeared in his free hand. He wanted to smash it right against Zen's head again!

However, Zen once again extinguished the flames with lightning speed, and at the same time he grabbed Layne's remaining hand!

Within this grasp, Layne felt as if he was being clamped down on by a pair of pliers. There was almost no chance for him to move at all.

Witnessing this scene from the top of the city wall, the surrounding martial artists became even more confused.

Once warriors reached the Soul Sea Realm, the competition between them was either based on their life vitality cultivation or their martial skills.

Zen's sudden use of the grappling technique was already quite inconceivable. Why would Layne also want to 'play' with Zen? The two of them were locked in a stalemate. Were they go

od intentions. Zen had just gotten such a large amount of Illusion Points, it would be a huge loss if Layne had to take them back with interest.

Hearing this kind reminder, Zen only smiled and nodded towards the human warrior. However, he didn't move his feet. He remained standing outside the city, looking in the direction of the main gate with an indifferent expression as he quietly waited.

In the main city, a dot of red light was slowly floating.

As the red dot of light continuously fluttered about, it slowly began to grow larger. The fingertip-sized dot of light gradually became the size of a fist, and then rapidly expanded to become a ball of light with a diameter of ten feet. This ball of light was filled with a strong Life Law!

Revival in the Illusion Battlefield was a bit different from the revival in the Illusion Space.

After one died in the Illusion Space, they would be kicked out of the space. When a defeated martial artist entered the Illusion Space again, there would be another projection of him.

While on the Illusion Battlefield, after a martial artist had died, he had to rely on the power of the heavens to completely 'revive' himself. Thus, when some martial artists discovered that this ball of light was filled with an intense Life Law, they simply didn't go outside of the city. Instead, they specifically searched for these masses of light that had been revived to perceive the Life Law in them.

In any case, there were endless deaths outside of the main city, causing endless resurrections. Thus, the main city was filled with floating red lights, one after another. For many martial artists that didn't have the chance to perceive high-level Original Laws, this was also an opportunity for enriching their cultivation.

Not long after, a figure slowly formed within the ball of light!

After the figure was fully formed, his body suddenly trembled. He came out of the ball of light and shot a fierce stare at the group of martial artists that had surrounded him to meditate on the Life Law. Then, he flew out of the city!

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