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   Chapter 1526 Beaten

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The smile on Zen's face was undoubtedly quite annoying in Layne's eyes.

Humans were considered a most formidable race in the universe, but in this main city, ogres were in the majority!

The other races were all unintentionally assigned to the main city, but these warriors were nothing more than cannon fodder.

Now that Layne was standing here, the tens of thousands of martial artists in the main city didn't dare to take even a single step… Was this human youth strutting around before his eyes an idiot?

Zen's smile became rather confusing at this moment.

Layne didn't know that, although he was one of the raiders in the city, he was nothing but a fat sheep in Zen's eyes. At this moment, Zen fretted that Layne would return to the main city.

Already, Layne had accumulated 200, 000 Illusion Points. Even if Zen could get half of that number, that would be 100, 000 Illusion Points; while, Zen currently only had a total of over 70, 000 Illusion Points!

"Where did this human warrior come from? He actually went straight at Layne?"

"Does he want to die?"

"I know this guy. Previously, he killed Ezra in the southwest! He's a powerful warrior! He shattered Ezra's axes with his bare hands! They were a secondary first-rank divine weapon!"

Secondary first-rank divine weapons were as nothing in Zen's eyes.

However, in the eyes of the many warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, they were treasures which could only be found by luck.

"Is this guy really that strong?"

Upon hearing these words, the city's ogre martial artists' eyes all looked at Zen with new respect.

"Even so, he's not a match for Layne. They… They will never be in the same league in terms of strength. Layne has already comprehended some profound mysteries within the Fire Law, and has made them his own to use. This boy actually dared to take the initiative to provoke Layne. Does he think that he has collected too many Illusion Points to lose?"

As they discussed this event, a small number of the human martial artists' eyes began to shine with a bright light!

These human warriors had been unilaterally assigned to the main city, and could only accept their unlucky fate. The difference of races didn't matter in the Illusion Battlefield, and only their strength mattered. These ogre warriors would even kill each other in squabbles between themselves. However, as long as the small number of human warriors left the main city, they would all be immediately targeted.

It was because, firstly, the human warriors in the main city were indeed a bit weaker. Secondly, they were of a different race; and thus, they were more vulnerable to attacks.

Hearing that this human youth in front of them had actually displayed such strength, they also began to feel a bit proud, and it could be said that watching Zen's combat had actually helped them vent their pent-up anger.

However, having witnessed the battle that Layne had fought just now, they couldn't help but worry for Zen. After all, the strength displayed by Layne was too te

oints. It was just that the rules set for this Illusion Battlefield had not worked to his advantage. However, if he were to win this round, he could indeed take away half of Layne's Illusion Points. But if Layne really lost to him, then he would probably choose to hide in the city and never come out!

The Illusion Points which Layne had were quite a lot. Zen had to convince Layne that he wouldn't admit defeat.


Zen's body shook once again, as if he was trying his best to avoid Layne's attack, but this time, he still failed!

As a ball of purple flames exploded, Zen's figure once again flew outward and heavily collided with the city wall…

This city wall had been constructed according to the rules of the Illusion Battlefield, so it was naturally indestructible. Even such a violent collision was unable to destroy the city wall, and as a result Zen was left hanging on the surface of the wall like a macabre decoration.

Even if Zen's physical body was as sturdy as a divine weapon, once his body hit the city wall, without any protecting buffer, the blood in his body still boiled. Zen had to carry out his plan, so he chose to tolerate this.

"He's not dead yet? He does seem to have some special abilities…"

Layne sighed heavily. He had originally thought that Zen would immediately bump into the city wall and end his life. However, this fellow's physical body was so toughened that it should be considered a rare natural gift. But a purely strong physical body was of no use at all. It was only a target which made him end up being beaten by his opponent.

Without thinking too much, Layne once again charged at Zen!




As Zen was repeatedly thrown to the wall, the warriors on the city wall were amazed by what their eyes were seeing.

Wasn't it too tragic for Zen to become a live target?

However, just at the moment that Layne was about to charge towards Zen again, an imperceptible smile formed on Zen's face.

'It's about time...' Zen thought.

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