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   Chapter 1525 Layne

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In the Illusion Battlefield, the weak martial artists were defeated one after another.

Some of those who were originally at the top of the list fell to the bottom rather rapidly.

Meanwhile, some of the lower-ranked martial artists were surprisingly rising to the top.

All the races paid close attention to every update on the rankings as shown on the pyramids above their Illusion Spaces.

The crowd kept a particularly close eye on the names of the top talents of every race. Many paid special attention to one name, Zen Luo.

At that point, Zen Luo was a name often heard and well-remembered throughout the universe—even the top talents of different races, the sons of Supreme Lords, and the successors of world lords simply couldn't match up to him.

And there was one simple reason behind it—he had the Roaring Token.

Trillions of living beings could be found in the universe, and every one of them could hear the sounds transmitted by the Roaring Token. The mysterious girl shouted out Zen's name repeatedly.

The news of Zen being surrounded by dozens of Supreme Lords and killing some of them from years ago spread like wildfire throughout the universe.

Since ancient times, he was the first martial artist to enjoy such fame and glory—not even the Supreme Lords had such.

Not only Yolande kept an eye out for Zen's ranking—the members of the Celestial Position and the rest of the universe had their eyes hot on it.

Because Zen was so well-known, even the Supreme Lords grew curious as to how he had performed in the Illusion Battlefield.

But the search left the people quite disappointed.

With the trillions of names on the pyramid, the names on the lowest levels were almost totally stuck together, making it impossible for anyone to make anything out.

Only the first few million martial artists were notable. They had accumulated quite a lot of Illusion Points, after all, and the gap between them and the rest was huge.

To find Zen's name, people had to go all the way down from the top of the pyramid—they went through tens of millions of names, but Zen's couldn't be found.

"Doesn't Zen Luo have an extraordinary fairy place? Why isn't he ranked among the top ten million?"

"That's simple—he got that indestructible fairy place only by good luck. He may not even be that talented, let alone skilled enough to make it to the top ten million. It seems as though he's weaker than the talents in some core sacred place."

"You're right. The top ten million is a pretty low standard. It seems like a disaster will be unfolding soon."

"Disaster? What disaster?" someone cur

main city. After obtaining a few Illusion Points, they quickly hid themselves in the main city. When Zen came back, the weak ones were already defeated. During his return, Zen had only encountered two warriors who could be called "sheep".

Not long after, a rather skinny figure slowly rose from the pit.

This person was none other than that Layne everyone was talking about. A streak of purple devil flame turned into a giant hand beneath his feet and lifted him up.

Although Layne was also an ogre martial artist, he wasn't as tall as his clansmen. While still being much taller and stronger than humans, he was considered puny among the sturdy ogres.

After Layne emerged from the pit, his eyes swept across his surroundings. As he spotted the many martial artists hiding within the city walls, his expression turned mocking.

Even if they took the initiative to leave the city, he wouldn't bother killing those cowards.

But when the gaze of Layne swept along the edge of the city wall and extended to its very end, he saw a lone figure floating in the corner.

It was Zen, dressed in cyan.

A hint of doubt swept across Layne's face. Why wasn't he hiding within the city walls like the rest of the human martial artists?

As the successor of the Ogre Flame World lord, conquering this city was merely a trivial goal for someone like Layne—what he truly wanted was to fight with the real top powerhouses in the Illusion Battlefield.

From the beginning, Layne had always looked down upon the city, including all its martial artists.

So when Zen didn't hide himself from him, Layne was left rather puzzled. Had this human been scared silly?

As he wondered, he saw Zen fly toward him slowly with a warm smile on his face.

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