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   Chapter 1523 Strength

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Zen did not hide his aura. His eyes glinted fiercely as he approached Ezra.

On the other hand, Ezra got too excited that he ignored the person behind him.

He suddenly turned around when Zen was just three steps away from him. Since he was under the Bronze Blood's control, he acted out of instinct without any thought!

Ezra hadn't even seen Zen clearly before he subconsciously attacked Zen out of reflex.

The massive pair of bloody axes flashed with a blood-red light and smelled thickly of blood. The axes swung down heavily in a horizontal manner, like two brushes painting a bloody piece in front of him.


The axes emitted a powerful aura in each heavy swing.

Ezra's attack under the Bronze Blood's activation had no moves--because he didn't need to use any!

His attack's violent power felt like it could crush mountains and the earth. Everything within the axes' slash's radius were obliterated without a second thought.

A vast majority of martial artists would choose to retreat and look for another opportunity in the face of such an attack.

It was an absolutely unwise choice to confront an ogre martial artist--especially one who had activated the Bronze Blood!

Despite all the odds, Zen did not retreat.

Zen still firmly stood three inches from the bloody axes, no matter how fast or heavy the weapons were swung.

He was like a butterfly in the eye of a storm. The strong wind could destroy houses and trees; but the little butterfly would always dance along with the wind.

All the martial artists who hid in the main city were all dumbfounded when they saw Zen.

The main city lay a bit farther away from Zen, so he seemed like he was glued to the bloody axes from the martial artists' point of view.

The scene created an illusion. It was as if Ezra wanted to throw Zen off the axes, rather than chop him off with them. However, Ezra couldn't get rid of him no matter how hard he tried.

"What did this guy do? How did he do it?"

"Maybe he practiced a very strange cultivation method and glued himself to the bloody axes!"

"But that doesn't sound right… if he was stuck on them, why wouldn't Ezra smash the axes on the ground to kill him?"

Numerous ogre warriors discussed and argued among themselves about what was happening to Zen.

However, Ezra had indeed done so, just as they finished talking. This kind of illusion wasn't a rare thing for martial artists--thus, Ezra too, had a strange feeling that this man was stuck to his axes.

With the pair of bloody axes raised high in the air, Ezra proceeded to heavily swing them downwards!

As gravity pulled the axes down, Zen had somehow strangely squeezed out from the gap between the axes' edges and the ground when he was three inches above the floor line.


also much tougher.

Sadly, the truth was laid out in front of them. Many ogre martial artists subconsciously shook their heads, as if they didn't want to believe this; but their eyes didn't lie to them.

"How did he do it…"

"There weren't any fluctuations of life vitality. This human didn't seem to have cultivated the life vitality system!"

"No, that's not right. He isn't a body refiner either. I didn't sense the eruption of his forceful energy!"

Many ogre martial artists were silently transfixed on Zen for a while, before they began to talk about him all at once in especially loud voices.

Then, they came to an even more frightening conclusion amidst their discussions.

Zen didn't rely on his life vitality or his forceful energy. He used his physical body and his own strength instead to block the two axes.

"Where did this freak come from..." one of the ogre martial artists murmured. But of course, Ezra was probably countless times more shocked than the spectators.

He had the Bronze Blood and he was a descendant of a golden family of ogre race.

Although he couldn't compare to those world lords' or the Supreme Lords' descendants, he was still more than enough to become a core disciple of a tenth-grade sacred place! He was excellent in both aspects, be it talent or bloodline.

The Bronze Blood could increase his strength by more than three times after it had burst. Combined with his cultivation of the blood strengthening forceful energy, even a warrior at the Spirit Supreme Realm wouldn't withstand the might of his axes!

However, this human warrior who didn't even look built or sturdy at all, had just squeezed his axes with his bare hands?

He felt a deep sense of humiliation within him as he looked at the smile on Zen's face. To make things even worse, he couldn't pull out his pair of bloody axes!

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