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   Chapter 1522 Ezra

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Zen didn't even bother to check his ranking.

Not because he didn't want to fight for a good ranking in the Illusion Battlefield, but because the battle itself had just begun.

He actually planned to get the best results. However, looking at the ranking this early wasn't something he would be anxious about.

After Zen absorbed the Illusion Points, his gaze fell on the cave which was guarded by three Celestial Mice. He didn't know what was hidden inside the cave.

He was already walking towards the cave's entrance when a light beam slowly formed before him and blocked his path.

At the same time, some words flashed through Zen's mind:

"To enter the Evil Wind Cave, one has to pay three hundred thousand Illusion Points!"

'Three hundred thousand Illusion Points!' Zen bitterly smiled at that thought.

He had only collected less than four thousand Illusion Points so far. Thus, he needed to get more points for him to enter the cave.

It was depressing for him that he couldn't enter it even after spending so much time and efforts fighting those mice. However, he had borne this place mentally as he couldn't help but wonder what was inside it. Not only was it guarded by three legendary beasts but it was also asking for three hundred thousand Illusion Points.

Making up his mind, Zen didn't stay in that place any longer. He turned around and flew into the air, quickly returning along his original route.


After five minutes, the main city appeared once again in front of Zen.

An ogre in silver armor was shrouded in a bloody aura right now. In his hands were a pair of massive bloody axes that were crazily brandished by him.

This ogre warrior was Ezra, the same warrior that Zen encountered in the city before.

Ezra had a privileged and wealthy background. Although he was not considered a core disciple of a tenth-grade sacred place, he was born in a wealthy, famous clan that was comparable to a tenth-grade sacred place.

He had obtained his clan's most valuable treasure when the Illusion Battlefield opened.

Not only did he put on the holy ogre armor, but he even took a pair of secondary first-rank divine weapons, the Ogre Blood Axes!

He had spent the last few hours organizing a group of ogre warriors for killing all the other warriors from other races. He alone had slaughtered six hundred human warriors and about four hundred warriors from other races.

In the first round alone, he had earned more than fifty thousand Illusion Points and his ranking in the Illusion Battlefield immediately soared to the top!

He kept slaughtering the same warriors after they revived in the second round. The Illusion Points in a warrior's body were reduced by half whenever they died. With Ezra killing those warriors t

city wall turned silent by their shocks.

"The bloody axes... I thought they were just illusions!"

"Humph, the strength of Ezra is quite average. He only relies on his clan's Bronze Blood and those two divine weapons!"

"Since he has these two divine weapons in hand, his attacks are unmatched. Besides, he is invulnerable to swords and spears!"

The strength displayed by Ezra was so formidable that the warriors inside the city didn't dare to leave the city.

Ezra held two bloody axes and knocked the blunt part of it against his armored chest. Under the stimulation of the Bronze Blood, he roared towards the many warriors in the main city, "Idiots! Come out quickly and let me kill you! Other than contributing your Illusion Points, what else can you do?"

It had to be said that Ezra was one of the smarter ones among the ogres. When he first entered the Illusion Battlefield, he was able to persuade the warriors from the same race to help him accumulate Illusion Points.

However, he was still defiant even after accumulating enough points as he tried to provoke others. His provocation targets were not limited to the warriors from other races. In fact, all of those that he killed now were ogres!

"Boaz! Go and challenge him!"

"Damn it. I have helped him tie up so many human warriors before. How could he intend to kill me?"

"Alas, this is the Illusion Battlefield and all of us have to take everyone as the opponent, regardless of race. We were so stupid to help him in the beginning!"

"Bang, bang, bang..."

Ezra's two bloody axes repeatedly smashed against his chest armor with a deafening sound. His eyes were dark red, but a trace of cyan gleam could be seen within. This was the effect of the Bronze Blood.

Just as Ezra was provoking the other warriors excitedly, Zen's figure suddenly appeared behind him.

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