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   Chapter 1521 Thunderbolt Annihilation

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The outermost layer of Zen's protection was made up of dozens of Nether God Shadows, while the sword light from the inner layer protected him like a spinning wheel.

Zen's defense was impenetrable.

But even so, he still found himself unable to block the advancing attacks of the three Celestial Mice.

The awe-inspiring speed at which these three Celestial Mice advanced greatly exceeded Zen's anticipation.

The three tiny golden rat shadows drilled through the dense ghostly Nether God Shadows at a speed which the human eye could not track. Although Zen's sword light revolved around him like a roulette, it was not a real one after all, just an illusion created by the sword's high-speed rotation. There were still gaps which the mice could use.

Those Celestial Mice were so small that they could easily slip through these cracks and then they swiftly closed in on Zen.

"Puff, puff, puff!"

Three blood sprays spurted out as the mice bit Zen, just like before.

One of the mice bit Zen on his clavicle. At the critical moment, he had leaned backwards slightly, otherwise his throat might have been severed by the rodent fangs.

Although the wound caused by the Celestial Mouse's attack wasn't big, the mouse's teeth were almost invincible. Normal damage to Zen's body couldn't harm him at all, but when faced with the rat's attack, he couldn't resist at all! The teeth marks were vividly seen on his flesh.

"Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak…"

In the blink of an eye, the three Celestial Mice appeared nearby. They were still maintaining a cautious distance from Zen and communicated with each other with high-pitched squeaks. However, a trace of ridicule seemed to glitter in those bean-sized black eyes.

Legendary beasts were all known to have intelligence, so the Celestial Mice were no exception.

Zen grew calmer and calmer as he watched his tiny adversaries.

The Celestial Mice were ranked number one among all legendary beasts. Their race might even be second only to super legendary beasts.

It was said that the reproductive abilities of the Celestial Mice was much stronger than that of other legendary beasts. Right now, Zen was only facing three Celestial Mice, so the pressure wasn't too great. However, if he were facing hundreds of them, he might be running for dear life by now.

In terms of speed, Zen probably wouldn't be able to do anything to them. He wouldn't even be able to track their small bodies, how could he hope to kill them?

The habits of these Celestial Mice were quite strange. If Zen didn't move, they wouldn't move either. However, once he moved, they would launch the most precise series of attacks in the shortest amount of time. They were perfectly coordinated with each other. Human warriors would struggle to match their synchronicity.

Zen now stood quietly in the same spot, deep in thought. Not long after, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Following the appearance of a few ripples on the surface of the sea of chaotic energy, the white smoke once again appeared around Zen's body.

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

time, their squeaking sounds became sharp and urgent!

Enormous pressure suddenly formed in the sky. Mysterious Internal Momentum Law was arranged neatly in the air. Only when one was undergoing a tribulation would such a strange phenomenon occur. However, Zen had forcefully drawn this Thunder Tribulation over.


In the sky, a thick dragon-like bolt of lightning circled around once before descending with white hot energy!

This Thunder Tribulation, which had been attracted by Zen, began to baptize the entire area within a radius of a thousand feet! The lightning struck simultaneously and continuously all over the area within the ring.

Even at this moment, the three Celestial Mice did not choose to give up. They pushed their speed to the limit and even hid in the gaps that occurred between the branches of the lightning bolt.

However, the power of this Thunderbolt Annihilation was too great. It nearly covered every inch of an area of a thousand feet. As more and more lightning gathered and the lightning became larger and larger, there were no more gaps left; the three Celestial Mice had nowhere to hide.

Several minutes later, the sky gradually cleared and returned to normal.

The three Celestial Mice lay smoldering on the ground, their bodies charred. Not long after, their corpses gradually disintegrated, and at the same time, each of the Celestial Mice created a thousand Illusion Points that moved swiftly towards Zen.

"There are actually three thousand Illusion Points?" A smile appeared on Zen's face.

His goal had been the cave, but he hadn't thought that he would receive such a valuable reward for killing each Celestial Mouse. However, compared to what the other martial artists achieved, three thousand Illusion Points was nothing.

Once a martial artist had killed sixty of the other martial artists, they would get three thousand Illusion Points as a reward. In the Illusion Battlefield, some radical martial artists had already killed thousands of their opponents, while reaping massive rewards.

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