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   Chapter 1520 The Celestial Mice

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Red dots of light kept shooting back toward the main city.

Martial artists were being killed constantly with up to half of their Illusion Points being extracted. But after some waiting in the main city, they were resurrected.

Such a system was an excellent opportunity for them to cultivate.

Not all warriors had the chance to enter the Illusion Space, after all.

In reality, only tenth-grade sacred places could establish the Illusion Space in their core practice areas in a supreme world.

Normally, only the core talents of the sacred places had the right to enter the Illusion Space.

But this Illusion Battlefield was open for the 100, 000 supreme worlds. All warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, regardless of origin or talent, could freely enter and fight within.

Some warriors of the Soul Sea Realm clearly understood the fact that it was simply impossible for them to get a good ranking in the Illusion Battlefield with their strength.

There were simply too many talents to be found from a hundred thousand supreme worlds.

Inheritors of the small sacred places, descendants that city lords had nurtured with all the resources they could gather, the core talents of the various sacred places, the descendants of the Saint Lords…

Counting these martial artists alone, they added up to an extremely staggering number. Moreover, there were descendants of numerous world lords, Supreme Lords, even the martial artists that were fated to lead the world of chaos—the stars of this world.

To compete with such remarkable talents…how difficult would it be for the common warriors to rise up in the Illusion Battlefield?

After giving up on the idea of achieving a high ranking, some martial artists decided not to be too upset about losing Illusion Points. They would just constantly go to fight outside the city, cultivate their skills, and be revived if they got killed. The process was cyclic, and they managed to gain experience and learning to strengthen their warrior spirit through the repeating life and death trials.

Above the Mist Palace, a massive pyramid also appeared.

Many martial artists looked up to it from time to time, checking on the rankings.

"Zen's name… is still nowhere to be found," an old man remarked as he respectfully stood beside Yolande. "There are way too many names in the pyramid's lower levels. I can't find his name! But Layla Ai's name already came up...130, 000th in her supreme world, and the 4, 600, 000th in the entire Illusion Battlefield!"

With Yolande's and the old man's perceptions, they could easily find their targets among the millions of names.

But after Zen left the city, he barely got any Illusion Points

s not impossible that Zen might defeat them.

Slowly, he trailed down the mountain.

The three mice, prostrated on the ground, raised their heads vigilantly. Their bean-sized black eyes fixed on Zen as they made creaking sounds—they seemed to be communicating with each other.

While Zen remained calm, he became much more cautious. The Celestial Mice were not to be trifled with.

Slowly, Zen approached them.

Two hundred feet… one hundred and fifty feet…

Then a hundred feet.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The moment he stepped within that distance, the mice suddenly disappeared from his sight.

Only three blurry shadows flashed before him when he felt a sharp pain as if something stabbed his body.

Soon after, the three Celestial Mice appeared, not far away from him. They formed a triangular formation and surrounded Zen, revealing their sharp front teeth. Multicolored lights seemed to radiate from the teeth—that was where their talents lay. Because they also contained a Law of Causality, they could be used as a lethal weapon to kill prey in an instant.

Puff, puff, puff!

Then, three streams of blood flowed from Zen's left shoulder, chest, and leg.

Their attack was undoubtedly fast.

At that moment, Zen cared nothing about the wounds on his body—the speed of the three tiny Celestial Mice already exceeded his imagination and he wasn't foolish enough to chase after them.

Locking his target onto the shining cave, he started walking toward it.

Just as he made his move, the three mice disappeared once again.

The moment they disappeared, Zen drew out his Thunder Wind Divine Sword. The sword's shadow then appeared, acting as his shield. Simultaneously, dozens of Nether God Shadows emerged from the tip of the sword, spreading out around Zen.

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