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   Chapter 1519 Strange Movement Skill

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Both the ogre and Zen were at a standstill. The former had ceased his attacks while the latter merely floated in the air.

Zen was already aware of the peculiarities of the Eight Smoky Melodies when he began cultivating it.

He even asked Freya to fight with him at one point just to see how special the movement skill was. She had used her long sword during their fight but not once was she able to land a strike on Zen.

There was no such thing as absolute motionlessness in this world.

Even stationary things such as trees and grass would sway every now and then from the wind and other stronger, external forces. The stars in the sky did not merely twinkle in place but spun at various speeds in space. Even the hundred thousand supreme worlds were mobile. There had been cases of numerous supreme worlds colliding with each other every now and then. Of course, the process took millions of years but the fact that there were cases of collision was sufficient proof of the mobility of the worlds within this universe.

The slightest of movements could have the potential to cause the greatest of catastrophes. It was through the Eight Smoky Melodies that these slight ripples of mobility could be used as the greatest shield.

The slightest fluctuation of movement was enough to push Zen's body into motion and this was the reason why the ogre's attacks did not hit him at all.

Freya's strength was nothing compared with the three ogres but that did not mean that they were anything special in Zen's eyes.

He merely thought of them as test subjects—a good opportunity to find out just how powerful the Eight Smoky Melodies truly was.

"Huff, huff..."

The machete-wielding ogre huffed as he tried to gather his wits. Meanwhile, the second ogre was already at the ready with his spear that he immediately thrust at Zen with full power.

"Snake Spear!" he bellowed.

This spear of his was special with its tip formed like a snake's head. When thrown, this serpent-like spear would often strike fear to an enemy's heart in the midst of battle.

However, even as the snake spear hurtled towards him, Zen remained calm and unyielding.

Instead of dodging, Zen stretched out and stood upside down but he kept his eyes on the black spear that came closer to impale his head.

Three inches away from his brow and Zen could fairly make out the cold, black glow that encased the tip of the weapon. He could see the shallow lines that ridged its surface, and appreciate the somewhat decent craftsmanship of the weapon refiner of this spear.

Three inches—that was all the distance it needed to travel to embed itself on Zen's skull.

But these three inches was an unattainable and everlasting distance for the spear, as if there was an invisible barrier that prevented it from getting closer.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…"

The spear was thrown with a heavy force and it cut t

he didn't know just what the heck was happening.

"What the hell is this Eight Smoky Melodies? Isn't this too much of a crazy movement skill?" he couldn't help but mutter in disbelief. He didn't know why but he always managed to put three inches between him and his opponent. He briefly wondered if he ended up being tricked by Gus, that unreliable buffoon.

Zen shook the smoke from his body and slowly rose in the air while his opponents quickly fled in opposite directions.


The ogres were quick to scatter after realizing that they wouldn't be able to defeat him. They had been secretly following Zen all this time but this experience had greatly destroyed their confidence in defeating him. Unfortunately, Zen wasn't going to let them go so easily.

The ogres were around ten thousand feet away from him now but he knew it wouldn't be difficult to deal with them considering his strength.

Fleeing from battle was often considered dishonorable but the ogres couldn't be bothered with codes of conduct anymore, not after seeing what Zen was capable of on the battlefield.

It was fortunate that they were only at the Illusion Battlefield and still had the chance to be reborn after dying, granted they would lose half of their Illusion Points.

The ogre who shot an arrow at him was a completely unexpected opponent. However, this supposed ace was left dumbfounded after witnessing the scene of how Zen avoided and outwitted the strong arrow shot towards him.

He thought he had Zen with that arrow, but it turned out he was wrong.

The ogres, after realizing that Zen was hurriedly chasing after them, quickly activated their armors in the hopes of disappearing from his sight.

However, it was all in vain.

Unable to escape their fate, three red dots of light wrapped around the ogres' souls and then shot towards the main city where they would have no choice but to wait for their revival.

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