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   Chapter 1518 Eight Smoky Melodies

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Compared to the other ogre members, these three ogre martial artists were shorter and their armors were very special.

Their armors might be black at first glance but they reflected different colors whenever hit by sunlight.

These armors were made from "Light Accumulation Iron". After activating them, they would change colors according to the surrounding environment. Combined with some divine textures, they could enable their users to disappear. Most warriors would not feel them around even if they were close to them.

This method was useful to ordinary warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, but not to Zen.

Zen's current perception was far stronger than that of an ordinary martial artist. Thus, he could easily detect them even though they were concealing their presence.

These three ogre warriors had developed an intention to kill Zen since they saw his extraordinary strength at the city gates. Truth be told, they planned to execute him upon seeing him leave the city by himself.

The three of them were not weaklings. They were so powerful when they worked together. They had already killed a Spirit Supreme Realm master before. And now, they were silently tailing Zen.

A trace of boredom appeared on Zen's face. He had been silent for years but he was ready now. He was just like a butterfly that had emerged from his cocoon. His mind had also quietly changed. He now needed to fight for a spiritual baptism of his own.

He looked down at the three ogres below him and muttered, "Since you're interested, then come on. Let's fight."

The three looked at each other while sneering. Amid their laughter, they all quietly vanished from Zen's sight.

This method of concealment was indeed very effective.

The method wasn't only covering their voices and auras. It was also making them invisible!

Zen smiled as he watched the three of them quickly disappear.

He had originally wanted to wait for the grasses and sheep to grow, and then he could finally participate in the fight. Before that, he would just relax in this wilderness. However, these three fellows came to him and he wouldn't mind a little fun.

Zen had also dabbled in the three cultivation methods recommended by Gus in the past five years.

Zen had never stepped out of the fairy palace for five years and no one had been able to fight with him. Lavender was not suitable to fight with him since she was a sword spirit. Plus, the difference between his and Freya's strengths was just too great. Although Freya had also made great progress during these five years, she was still not qualified to spar with Zen.

After the three ogres had hidden, they used the technique of restraining their breathing and rushed towards Zen from several directions. Their fig

began to synchronized his mind along with this cultivation method.

The three powerful techniques used together created ripples of energy!

Especially the machete-wielding warrior whose slash sounded of whistling wind.

However, Zen was like a wisp of cyan smoke at that time, wandering about in this world.

The machete broke through space and reached Zen's back. This machete was as fast as lightning. An ordinary person would not be able to clearly see the machete's shadow.

Nonetheless, Zen's body moved with the machete just when it was about three inches from his back.

It wasn't Zen who was moving, but rather the machete was 'pushing' him away!

When the slash didn't hit him, the machete-wielding martial artist didn't hesitate at all and slashed the second time!

Zen still maintained a distance of three inches away from him and the warrior still failed to slash Zen!

The third slash!

Still three inches!

The ogre martial artist was stunned upon seeing what was happening.

Nevertheless, he didn't slow down from attacking amid his shock.

'What was this movement technique?'

He had never seen such a strange movement technique!

Zen's body seemed weightless. As long as he swung his machete, it would push Zen away from a certain distance. He would continue slashing but the machete continued pushing him!

He would never be able to slash Zen this way!

He had always maintained a distance of three inches from Zen. These three inches were like an insurmountable natural moat!

The Imperial Slash was a remarkable swordsmanship. It had the seven slashes that an ogre emperor thought to be the most powerful. It contained an extremely blade intent that was sealed within the seven slashes.

However, this Imperial Slash could not even touch Zen's clothes and he did not resist at all.

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